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Standing beside a trig pillar with a camera in my hand - I like taking geo-taggable photos and posting them here.

Roger W Haworth

I live in Croydon, UK. My web sites are at

Some policies

Talk page policy from 2020 Jan

I have revised my view on talk page messages as originally expressed in "Parliamentary language" below. Parliamentary language tends to be confrontational. But Wikipedia is collaborative. So I will try to reflect this in my messages. (Clearly the aspect of parliamentary language that one must comment on the issues, not the person still apply.)

Parliamentary language

I have a well-justified reputation for blunt speaking on talk pages. But such pages are not a vicar's tea party. I take my standards from parliamentary language - if a Speaker would allow it then I use it. To summarise it: you must not call the honourable member opposite a fool but you may say that his proposal is foolish. But it would be better to replace "foolish" with a phrase such as "ill conceived" or "totally unworkable". Also, I always try to give positive advice, even if it is only "publish on your own website".


There is a distinct school of thought that anybody can become a Wikipedia editor if you talk to them nicely and nurture them. I disagree: true Wikipedians are a distinct sub-species of Homo sapiens. People often tell them "get a life" - but Wikipedia is their life!

People come here to promote their company or band and write technically poor articles because they cannot be bothered to waste time learning wiki markup, etc. Are they ever going to become Wikipedians? No - the Ethiopian cannot change his spots nor the leopard his skin.


I am hesitant about protecting this page because doing so seems contrary to the spirit of Wikipedia. I have done so for one reason only: to save the good people who have repaired vandalism so many times from wasting their time in future. If you want to be rude to me, my user talk page is available but even there instead of pointless vandalism such as this (the IP address had no 'previous' so it was impossible to tell about what they were complaining) explain what your beef is - with a link.

I also protect my talk page archives. This is not to prevent messages - quite the reverse - I want to see them so I can reply. My talk page archives are not on my watchlist so if someone leaves a message there and does not {{ping}} me (and newbies don't know about ping) I will never see the message.

Deleted stuff

If you need access to a Wikipedia article that has been deleted, ask me. I will usually be willing to provide the text for you. If I am only willing to send it by email, note that:

  • you must have set up an e-mail address in "my preferences" and ticked "enable e-mail from other users".
  • using the same text to recreate a deleted article may qualify it for speedy deletion, and keeping deleted content hanging around in userspace has gotten editors penalized before. But that's your problem.

You may however be lucky - I have been known to restore articles to user: or draft: space.

What I do here

New page patrolling

Multi-posting. Sorting new articles by User Id helps me detect cases where an article has been posted multiple times. The record may be twelve copies of Neri vs. Senate. (There was a case of about twenty versions of College of the North Atlantic but these were potentially different articles and the creator had made a tiny change to each version.) When I find a multi-posting I usually merge all the versions together by doing a "forced merge to existing title". Then I restore all the edits. This resulted in me having the dubious honour of being top of the list of restorers for at least a year (2007 July 29 earliest listing available). (NawlinWiki overtook me on 2008 Sept 9 and looks set to stay top of this particular ranking.)

Articles started or heavily hacked about

Rescued from deletion

Map link templates

brldb -- brldb prim -- gbmaprim -- GBvoss -- stn art lnk -- mmukpc

Plus {{oscoor}} which enables Egil Kvaleberg's brilliant map sources system to be called using grid references. See oscoor's rank in the most used templates list.
I like adding grid refs to articles about GB places and I will also add them to articles about:

Disambiguation exercises

Boi -- Croydon (at the suggestion of Nickj) -- Hendon -- Hixon -- Lee -- Malden (Netherlands does not link to it!) -- Queen's College -- Seven Sisters -- Smithfield -- Sutton -- Uxbridge

Pictures uploaded

See pictures I have uploaded.


  The Original Barnstar
Hi RHaworth. I've been working hard on my Robinson Crusoe Economy article. It's come a long way after you first viewed it. Thanks for your help and I hope it's up to Wiki standards now! :) Abhilasha369 (talk) 13:41, 5 September 2011 (UTC)
  The Hard Worker's Barnstar
For tireless speedy deletion of so very many nonsense pages... Yunshui (talk) 14:19, 5 September 2011 (UTC)
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For helping me with problems and being a kind admin... Lord Laitinen (talk) 15:01, 11 March 2014 (UTC)
  The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
The world sleeps safely with you around Whispyhistory (talk) 21:38, 12 November 2019 (UTC)


The story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius. Discussed here in rather high-flown language but the parallels between the Encyclopedia of Tlön and Wikipedia are too close to ignore.

Guy Macon's frank admission of Wikipedia bias.

Number of edits

See the admin stats box at the top of this page. I had no ambition to figure high up the list of Wikipedians by number of edits but by being around for long enough, I have moved fairly well up it. The growth in my edit count over my first year is given below. I have given up recording it but the current value can be found from this edit counter. See also JamesR's league table of admins and WikiProject edit counters. Some landmarks:

I spend most of my time on this, the English Wikipedia, but despite speaking no other languages, I have made several contributions to other wikis.

  • 11133 (plus 2613 deleted) @ 05:43, 16 January 2006 (UTC)
  • 9267 (plus 1693 edits to articles which are now deleted - mainly speedy tags - plus about 4000 deletions - I am an inclusionist really!) @ 04:18, 12 November 2005 (UTC)
  • 5731 @ 09:20:03, 2005-08-09 (UTC)
  • 2583 @ 2005 Jun 1
  • 1026 @ 10:29, 2005 Feb 15 (UTC)
  • 924 @ 21:56, 2005 Feb 9
  • 2 @ 08:19, 2005 Jan 1 plus a few as Anon before that

Vanity links

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Pseudo blogs: Coal & Wine   Phreak PoSP
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