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  1. M. A. Nicholl (Compare)
  2. H. P. Nichols (Compare)
  3. J. L. Nichols (Compare)
  4. Helen Nicolay (Compare)
  5. Jonathan Nield (Compare)
  6. August Niemann (Compare)
  7. Henry Thayer Niles (Compare)
  8. Alli Nissinen (Compare)
  9. Mary F. Nixon-Roulet (Compare)
  10. (Nawab Nizamat Jung Bahadur) Nizam-ud-din-Ahmad (Compare)
  11. Sarah Noble-Ives (Compare)
  12. Ali Nomad (Compare)
  13. Conrad Hjalmar Nordby (Compare)
  14. NorthWestNet (Compare)
  15. Henry C. Northam (Compare)
  16. George Tyler Northup (Compare)
  17. Arthur O. Norton (Compare)
  18. William Harmon Norton (Compare)
  19. Vladimir Nosek (Compare)
  20. William Nowlin (Compare)
  21. Homer Heath Nugent (Compare)
  22. Kaiten Nukariya (Compare)
  23. Branislav Dj. Nusic (Compare)
  24. Joseph Pierre Nuyttens (Compare)
  25. Lucien Népoty (Compare)
  26. Frederick O'Brien (Compare)
  27. R. Barry O'Brien or Richard Barry O'Brien (Compare)
  28. Seumas O'Brien (Compare)
  29. T. P. O'Conner (Compare)
  30. Pat O'Cotter (Compare)
  31. Harvey Jerrold O'Higgins (Compare)
  32. A. J. O'Reilly or Augustine J. O'Reilly (Compare)
  33. John O'Rourke (Compare)
  34. Charles-M. Flor O'Squarr (Compare)
  35. E. C. Oakden (Compare)
  36. C. K. Ober (Compare)
  37. Francis P. Obrien (Compare)
  38. Marie Conway Oemler (Compare)
  39. Frederic Austin Ogg (Frederic Austin?) (Compare)
  40. Edith Oland (Compare)
  41. Gunther Olesch (Compare)
  42. Charles A. Oliver or Charles Alexander Oliver (Compare)
  43. A. T. Olmstead or Albert Ten Eyck Olmstead (Compare)
  44. Everett Ward Olmsted (Compare)
  45. Oscar Ludvig Olson (Compare)
  46. Hanna Ongelin (Compare)
  47. Anders Orbeck (Compare)
  48. Alcides de Orbigny (Compare)
  49. I. J. Hochman's Yiddisher Orchester (Compare)
  50. Jaudas' Society Orchestra (Compare)
  51. Losey's Orchestra (Compare)
  52. Peerless Orchestra (Compare)
  53. Raderman's Jazz Orchestra (Compare)
  54. William Dana Orcutt (Compare)
  55. Charlotte-Elisabeth duchesse d' Orleans (Compare)
  56. Robert Ornsby (Compare)
  57. Charles Ebert Orr (Compare)
  58. Lydon Orr (Compare)
  59. Sutherland Orr (Compare)
  60. Samuel P. Orth (Compare)
  61. Samuel Peter Orth (Compare)
  62. Oliver T. Osborne or Oliver Thomas Osborne (Compare)
  63. David Osbourne (Compare)
  64. Charles Grosvenor Osgood (Compare)
  65. William Osmer (Compare)
  66. Blanche Ostertag (Compare)
  67. Ossama Othman (Compare)
  68. Charles P. Otis or Charles Pomeroy Otis (Compare)
  69. Bertha Overbeck (Compare)
  70. Jacqueline M. Overton (Compare)
  71. Mark Overton (Compare)
  72. William Hassell Overton (Compare)
  73. Owahyah (Compare)
  74. R. Emmett Owen or Robert Emmett Owen (Compare)
  75. J. McDonald Oxley (Compare)
  76. An Oxonian (Compare)
  77. Wojciech Oziminski (Compare)
  78. P le Jeune (Compare)
  79. Domingos Paes (Compare)
  80. Brett Page (Compare)
  81. Elizabeth Fry Page (Compare)
  82. Gretchen Graf Pahl (Compare)
  83. F.V.N. Painter (Compare)
  84. Arthur Hubbell Palmer (Compare)
  85. Frank Nelson Palmer (Compare)
  86. Emilia condesa de Pardo Bazán (Compare)
  87. T. H. Pardo de Tavera or Trinidad Hermenegildo Pardo de Tavera (Compare)
  88. Quintin Paredes y Babila (Compare)
  89. Julian Park (Compare)
  90. Marmaduke Park (Compare)
  91. Cornelia Stratton Parker (Compare)
  92. Lester Shepard Parker (Compare)
  93. William Riley Parker (Compare)
  94. Ralph Parlette (Compare)
  95. Mary Parmele (Compare)
  96. A Pastor (Compare)
  97. Frank Gee Patchin (Compare)
  98. George K. Pattee (Compare)
  99. J. G Patterson (Compare)
  100. Dutton Payne (Compare)
  101. Francis Loring Payne (Compare)
  102. Charles H. Peake (Compare)
  103. H. H. S. Pearse (Compare)
  104. Francis B. Pearson (Compare)
  105. Ethel C. Pedley (Compare)
  106. Elbert Perce (Compare)
  107. Mitzi Perdue (Compare)
  108. D. José M. de Pereda (Compare)
  109. Lawrence Perry (Compare)
  110. Stella George Stern Perry (Compare)
  111. William B. Perry (Compare)
  112. Alexander L. Peterman (Compare)
  113. Iva Lowther Peters (Compare)
  114. C. Peters de Witt (Compare)
  115. Maud Petitt (Compare)
  116. Walter D. Petrovic (Compare)
  117. T. Phelan (Compare)
  118. John D. Philbrick (Compare)
  119. Uncle Philip (Compare)
  120. Francis Clement Philips (Compare)
  121. Samuel Philips (Compare)
  122. L. March Phillipps (Compare)
  123. Frances L. Phillips (Compare)
  124. H. W. Phillips (Compare)
  125. Henry Wallace Phillips (Compare)
  126. Mary E. Phillips or Mary Elizabeth Phillips (Compare)
  127. Helen Phipps (Compare)
  128. Arthur Wallace Pickard (Compare)
  129. La Salle Corbell Pickett (Compare)
  130. J. Allanson Picton (Compare)
  131. Charles Felton Pidgin (Compare)
  132. Philip Pienaar (Compare)
  133. Charles Pierson (Compare)
  134. G. W. Septimus Piesse (Compare)
  135. H. Lee M. Pike (Compare)
  136. A. Frank Pinkerton (Compare)
  137. Margaret Rebecca Piper (Compare)
  138. D. Andres Piquer (Compare)
  139. E. R. Pitman (Compare)
  140. Olga de Pitray (Compare)
  141. Joseph Esq. F. R. S. Planta (Compare)
  142. Rutherford Hayes Platt (Compare)
  143. Addison B. Poland (Compare)
  144. Rietrik Polén (Compare)
  145. R. Martin Pope or Robert Martin Pope (Compare)
  146. John F. Porte (Compare)
  147. Charlotte Porter (Compare)
  148. Allen Wilson Porterfield (Compare)
  149. Legislation of Portugal (Compare)
  150. Ignatii Nicholaevich Potapenko (Compare)
  151. Alfred Claghorn Potter (Compare)
  152. Austin Potter (Compare)
  153. Elizabeth Gray Potter (Compare)
  154. Eugenia Dunlap Potts (Compare)
  155. Florence Powdermaker (Compare)
  156. J. W. Powell (Compare)
  157. Amy Therese Powelson (Compare)
  158. Fiddlin' and Family Powers (Compare)
  159. Emilio Praga (Compare)
  160. Pratt Food Co. (Compare)
  161. The Premier Quartet (Compare)
  162. Comte de Premio-Real (Compare)
  163. Amy Prentice (Compare)
  164. George L. Prentiss (Compare)
  165. Presbyterian Ladies' Aid (Compare)
  166. The Reformed Presbytery (Compare)
  167. Caroline Pridham (Compare)
  168. William Priest (Compare)
  169. Anthony Pryde (Compare)
  170. Michael Pullen (Compare)
  171. Thomas Purney (Compare)
  172. D. Laing Purves (Compare)
  173. G. G. Putnam (Compare)
  174. Ruth Putnam (Compare)
  175. Walter Lytle Pyle (Compare)
  176. Otto Pyykkönen (Compare)
  177. Ásgeir Pétursson (Compare)
  178. Mme. Quesada (Compare)
  179. Dorothy Quigley (Compare)
  180. Rev. E. J. Quigley (Compare)
  181. Serafín y Joaquín Álvarez Quintero (Compare)
  182. F. Rabbe (Compare)
  183. Milne Rae (Compare)
  184. Carlos B. Raimundo (Compare)
  185. Jacob S. Raisin (Compare)
  186. Robert S. Rait (Compare)
  187. Yacki Raizizun (Compare)
  188. Lester Ralph (Compare)
  189. W. R. S. Ralston (Compare)
  190. T. Ramakrishna (Compare)
  191. Ramsay (Director) (Compare)
  192. Anders Ramsay (Compare)
  193. Edward A. Rand (Compare)
  194. Edward Kennard Rand (Compare)
  195. Homer Randall (Compare)
  196. B. W. Randolph (Compare)
  197. Dave Ranney (Compare)
  198. Dora Knowlton Ranous (Compare)
  199. A. E. J. Rawlinson (Compare)
  200. G. Whitfield Ray (Compare)