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  1. Clara Rayleigh (Compare)
  2. Alfred Arthur Reade (Compare)
  3. Charles Recht (Compare)
  4. Elíseo Reclus (Compare)
  5. H. Stanley Redgrove or Herbert Stanley Redgrove (Compare)
  6. Alonzo Reed (Compare)
  7. Harry Caulton Reeks (Compare)
  8. Byron J. Rees or Byron Johnson Rees (Compare)
  9. James S. Reid (Compare)
  10. Stuart J. Reid (Compare)
  11. Juho Reijonen (Compare)
  12. S. A. Reilly (Compare)
  13. Grace M. Remick (Compare)
  14. Mme de Renneville (Compare)
  15. Francis J. Reynolds (Compare)
  16. John N. Reynolds (Compare)
  17. M. Rhodes (Compare)
  18. Gladys Rice (Compare)
  19. Edwin Gile Rich (Compare)
  20. Walter H. Rich (Compare)
  21. Sarah J. Richardson (Compare)
  22. A. G. Riddle (Compare). Article exists at Albert G. Riddle.
  23. J. M. Rigg or James Macmullen Rigg (Compare)
  24. Harvey Riley (Compare)
  25. Eric Moore Ritchie (Compare)
  26. Jose Maria Rivera (Compare)
  27. Henri Roberts (Compare)
  28. Miss Emma Roberts (Compare)
  29. Albert Gardner Robinson (Compare)
  30. F. W. Robinson or Frederick William Robinson (Compare)
  31. Fayette Robinson (Compare)
  32. Therese Albertine Louise von Jacob Robinson (Compare)
  33. Alfred Rochefort (Compare)
  34. Marie-Louise-Victoire de Donniss la Rochejaquelein (Compare)
  35. E. L. Rochholz or Ernst Ludwig Rochholz (Compare)
  36. F. P. Rockwell (Compare)
  37. Ella Rodman (Compare)
  38. Frances Marie Antoinette Mack Roe (Compare). Article exists at Frances M. A. Roe.
  39. Frederick William Roe (Compare)
  40. Vingie E. Roe or Vingie Eve Roe (Compare)
  41. Erwin W. Roessler (Compare)
  42. Sam Rohlfing (Compare)
  43. Gerold K. Rohner (Compare)
  44. Steve Rohrer (Compare)
  45. G.D. Roke (Compare)
  46. Henriëtte Roland Holst (Compare)
  47. Francis Rolt-Wheeler (Compare)
  48. Carlos Ronquillo y Valdez (Compare)
  49. Mathilda Roos (Compare)
  50. Robert Kilburn Root (Compare)
  51. S. T. Rorer or Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer (Compare). Article exists at Sarah Tyson Rorer.
  52. Tekla Roschier (Compare)
  53. E. S. Roscoe (Compare)
  54. Thomas Roscoe (Compare)
  55. Achilles Rose (Compare)
  56. S. Rosenbaum (Compare)
  57. L. Roserot de Melin (Compare)
  58. Rev. D.D. Ross, Fred. A. (Compare)
  59. John Wilson Ross (Compare)
  60. Roth String Quartet (Compare)
  61. Edward Roth (Compare)
  62. Lewis Roth (Compare)
  63. Fred Rothwell (Compare)
  64. Ettie A. Rout (Compare). Article exists at Ettie Annie Rout.
  65. Gerolamo Rovetta (Compare)
  66. D. Rowlands (Compare)
  67. Abert le Roy (Compare)
  68. Kristina Roy (Compare)
  69. Lillian Elizabeth Roy (Compare)
  70. New York Royal baking powder company (Compare)
  71. Edmond Rudaux (Compare)
  72. Charles Horne And John Rudd (Compare)
  73. Robert Rudder (Compare)
  74. Robert S. Rudder (Compare)
  75. Arthur Ruhl (Compare)
  76. Wilhelm Ruland (Compare)
  77. John F. Runciman (Compare)
  78. Thomas Runciman (Compare)
  79. Fredrika Runeberg (Compare)
  80. Thomas Herbert Russell (Compare)
  81. William Ingraham Russell (Compare)
  82. Martin Brown Ruud (Compare)
  83. Joaquim Ruyra (Compare)
  84. Agnes E. Ryan (Compare)
  85. Annie H Ryder (Compare)
  86. William H. Ryus (Compare)
  87. Bénédict H. Révoil (Compare)
  88. Michael T. H. Sadler (Compare)
  89. James Sadlier (Compare)
  90. Charles Sainte-Foi (Compare)
  91. Helen M. Salisbury (Compare)
  92. William Salisbury (Compare)
  93. Marja Salmela (Compare)
  94. Giuseppe Salza (Compare)
  95. Mary F. Sandars or Mary Frances Sandars (Compare)
  96. George W. ca. 1824Sands (Compare)
  97. Arthur Benton Sanford (Compare)
  98. Jere Sanford (Compare)
  99. P. Gerald Sanford (Compare)
  100. William Sangster (Compare)
  101. Agnes Sapper (Compare)
  102. John Sargeaunt (Compare)
  103. Knut Sarlin (Compare)
  104. T. Bailey Saunders (Compare)
  105. Fernanda Savage (Compare)
  106. William T. Savage (Compare)
  107. Annie Gregg Savigny (Compare)
  108. J. B. Henry Savigny (Compare)
  109. Arthur H. Savory (Compare)
  110. Elizabeth Price Sayer (Compare)
  111. H. L. Sayler or Harry Lincoln Sayler (Compare)
  112. Dan Scavezze (Compare)
  113. George van Schaick (Compare)
  114. Lieuwe Schipper (Compare)
  115. Johann Christopher Schmid (Compare)
  116. Otto Schoenrich (Compare)
  117. Oliver Schoonmaker (Compare)
  118. Charlotte Lady Schreiber (Compare)
  119. John Frederick Schroeder (Compare)
  120. Gustaf Schröder (Compare)
  121. Siegfried Von Schultz (Compare)
  122. Arthur Schurig (Compare)
  123. Artur Schurig (Compare)
  124. J.W. Robertson Scott (Compare)
  125. John Reed Scott (Compare)
  126. Dr. John Scudder (Compare)
  127. Georges de Scudry (Compare)
  128. Sophie Fox Sea (Compare)
  129. John Van Der Zee Sears (Compare)
  130. R. C. Seaton (Compare)
  131. James E. Seaver (Compare)
  132. Frederica Seeger (Compare)
  133. Marjorie Allen Seiffert (Compare)
  134. L. A. Selby-Bigge (Compare)
  135. Henry T. Sell or Henry Thorne Sell (Compare)
  136. Gordon Sellar (Compare)
  137. W. E. Sellers (Compare)
  138. S. T. Semenov or Sergei Terentyevich Semenov (Compare)
  139. J. Semeyn (Compare)
  140. Mariano Sequera (Compare)
  141. Fr. Juan Serrano (Compare)
  142. Mary J. Serrano or Mary Jane Christie Serrano (Compare)
  143. Edith Serrell (Compare)
  144. Julia M.D. Seton (Compare)
  145. Grace Gallatin Seton-Thompson (Compare)
  146. Paul Severing (Compare)
  147. Melvin Linwood Severy (Compare)
  148. Jose N. Sevilla (Compare)
  149. Ella M. Sexton (Compare)
  150. The Seybert Commission (Compare)
  151. St John D Seymour (Compare)
  152. Geneve L. A. Shaffer or Geneve Shaffer (Compare)
  153. Robert Shaler (Compare)
  154. Yang BC Shang (Compare)
  155. Cecil J. Sharp (Compare)
  156. R. Farquharson Sharp or Robert Farquharson Sharp (Compare)
  157. Robert Sharp (Compare)
  158. Edward R. Shaw or Edward Richard Shaw (Compare)
  159. Ellen Eddy Shaw (Compare)
  160. Robert B. Shaw (Compare)
  161. S. B. Shaw or Solomon Benjamin Shaw (Compare)
  162. Stanley Shaw (Compare)
  163. Virna Sheard (Compare)
  164. K. Kay Shearin (Compare)
  165. Lurana W. Sheldon (Compare)
  166. Georgie Sheldon (Compare)
  167. Henry C. Shelley or Henry Charles Shelley (Compare)
  168. J. Clinton Shepherd (Compare)
  169. Arthur Sherbo (Compare)
  170. George Douglass Sherley (Compare)
  171. Fannie Isabel Sherrick (Compare)
  172. Guillermo A. Sherwell (Compare)
  173. Margaret Pollock Sherwood (Compare)
  174. John M. E. W. Sherwood (Compare)
  175. Horace Shipp (Compare)
  176. Anna McClure Sholl (Compare)
  177. Katherine Shortall (Compare)
  178. Walter Showell (Compare)
  179. Evelyn Shirley Shuckburgh (Compare)
  180. Carrie V. Shuman (Compare)
  181. F. Arthur Sibly (Compare)
  182. Compiled by Frank Sidgwick (Compare)
  183. Samuel Siegel or mandolin Siegel (Compare)
  184. Giberne Sieveking (Compare)
  185. Saemund Sigfusson (Compare)
  186. Juhani Siljo (Compare)
  187. Steven David Justin Sills (Compare)
  188. J. M. W. Silver (Compare)
  189. Florence Simmonds (Compare)
  190. P. L. Simmonds (Compare)
  191. Amelia Simmons (Compare)
  192. William Day Simonds (Compare)
  193. Evelyn Blantyre Simpson (Compare). Article exists at Eve Blantyre Simpson.
  194. John Thomas Simpson (author) (Compare)
  195. Ivor L. M. Richardson DuncanOwen Woodhouse, R. B. Cooke (Compare)
  196. Ada M. Skinner or Ada Maria Skinner (Compare)
  197. Margaret Slattery (Compare)
  198. J. Morris Slemons (Compare)
  199. H. Sluijters (Compare)