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  1. J. W. Mahood (Compare)
  2. Belle K. Maniates (Compare)
  3. Harold P. Manly (Compare)
  4. Arthur M. Mann (Compare)
  5. David Dickinson Mann (Compare)
  6. Charles Marchand or basse Marchand (Compare)
  7. J. N. Marchand (Compare)
  8. James Marchant (Compare)
  9. Margaret O. Oliphant or Wilson Oliphant (Compare)
  10. Jennie Conklin Maria or Drinkwater Conklin Maria (Compare)
  11. F. Marion or Fulgence Marion (Compare)
  12. Paul Mariéton (Compare)
  13. Jeannette Marks (Compare)
  14. W. F. Markwick (Compare)
  15. W. K. Marriott or William K. Marriott (Compare)
  16. A. Marsh (Compare)
  17. William Lockwood Marsh (Compare)
  18. Giovanni Marsili (Compare)
  19. Frederick H. Martens (Compare)
  20. Benj. N. Martin (Compare)
  21. Edward A. Martin (Compare)
  22. Edward Winslow Martin (Compare)
  23. Eva M. Martin (Compare)
  24. Frederick Martin (author) (Compare)
  25. John Martin (author) (Compare)
  26. Édouard Martin (Compare)
  27. Countess Evelyn Martinengo-Cesaresco (Compare)
  28. W. J. Marx (Compare)
  29. Lady Damaris Cudworth Masham (Compare)
  30. Amelia Ruth Gere Mason (Compare)
  31. Eugene Mason (Compare)
  32. Lawrence Mason (Compare)
  33. Mary Murdoch Mason (Compare)
  34. Philippe marquis de Massa (Compare)
  35. Jean Massart (Compare)
  36. Montague Massey (Compare)
  37. W. T. Massey (Compare)
  38. Thomas L. Masson (Compare)
  39. Marshall Mather (Compare)
  40. Basil Mathews (Compare)
  41. Joanna H. Mathews or Joanna Hooe Mathews (Compare)
  42. A. de Mathuisieulx (Compare)
  43. Júlio de Matos (Compare)
  44. Edith V. B. Matthews (Compare)
  45. Bertram Waldrom Matz (Compare)
  46. Berton L. Maxfield (Compare)
  47. M. H. Maxwell (Compare)
  48. Sophia May or Rebecca Sophia Clarke May (Compare)
  49. N. K. Mayberry Mayberry (Compare)
  50. A. L. Mayhew (Compare)
  51. Captain Mayne-Reid (Compare)
  52. Gorgonio Petano y Mazariegos (Compare)
  53. Neil McBeath (Compare)
  54. J. B. Elder McCleery (Compare)
  55. Etta Blaisdell McDonald (Compare)
  56. R. D. McDonald (Compare)
  57. Michael F. J. McDonnell (Compare)
  58. Margaret Moran Dixon McDougall (Compare)
  59. Elizabeth Apthorp McFadden (Compare)
  60. J. V. McFall (Compare)
  61. J. C. McFeeters (Compare)
  62. Kenneth McGaffey (Compare)
  63. C. F. McGlashan or Charles Fayette McGlashan (Compare)
  64. Hugh McHugh (Compare)
  65. John T. McIntyre (Compare)
  66. Aimée G. Leffingwel McKenzie (Compare)
  67. Marie L. McLaughlin (Compare)
  68. Albert M.C. McMaster (Compare)
  69. Samuel McMeen (Compare)
  70. Wallace McMullin (Compare)
  71. Lida B. McMurry or Lida Brown McMurry (Compare)
  72. Gregory McNamee (Compare)
  73. John Charles McNeill (Compare)
  74. J. H. T. McPherson (Compare)
  75. J. Walker McSpadden or Joseph Walker McSpadden (Compare)
  76. F. A. Mckenzie or Frederick Arthur Mckenzie (Compare)
  77. George Robert Stow Mead (Compare)
  78. Johann Ferdinand Martin Oskar Meding (Compare)
  79. D. J. Medley or Dudley Julius Medley (Compare)
  80. Pura Medrano (Compare)
  81. J. M. D. Meiklejohn or John Miller Dow Meiklejohn (Compare)
  82. W. B. Meloney (Compare)
  83. Delphine Menant (Compare)
  84. George Henry Mendell (Compare)
  85. Monseigneur le duc de Mercure (Compare)
  86. Isabel Meredith (Compare)
  87. Heikki Meriläinen (Compare)
  88. Frank T. Merrill (Compare)
  89. Rufus Merrill (Compare)
  90. Merwin-Webster (Compare)
  91. Methuen & Co. (Compare)
  92. Maria Catherina Metz-Koning (Compare)
  93. Alice Christiana Thompson Meynell (Compare)
  94. Bernard Miall (Compare)
  95. Emilie Michaelis (Compare)
  96. Karin Michaëlis (Compare)
  97. Miriam Michelson (Compare)
  98. R. A. Van Middeldyk (Compare)
  99. Lydia Miller Middleton (Compare)
  100. Philip Verrill Mighels (Compare)
  101. F. A. M. Mignet (Compare)
  102. Rosa Mary Redding Mikels (Compare)
  103. A. Marie Miles (Compare)
  104. General Nelson A. Miles (Compare)
  105. Militia of Mercy (Compare)
  106. Pierre Mille (Compare)
  107. Claude H. Miller (Compare)
  108. Freeman E. Miller or Freeman Edwin Miller (Compare)
  109. John Maurice Miller (Compare)
  110. Kempster Miller (Compare)
  111. Marion Mills Miller (Compare)
  112. Sophie A. Miller (Compare)
  113. Wesson Gage Miller (Compare)
  114. W. H. Millington (Compare)
  115. Mary Pamela Milne-Home (Compare)
  116. Archie S. Milton (Compare)
  117. Edwin Mims (Compare)
  118. Florence Minard (Compare)
  119. R. D. Minor (Compare)
  120. Edison Minstrels (Compare)
  121. Vicomte de Miramon-Fargues (Compare)
  122. Madame Henri de la Ville de Mirmont (Compare)
  123. A Returned Missionary (Compare)
  124. George Mitchel (Compare)
  125. John K. Mitchell (Compare)
  126. S. M. Mitra (Compare)
  127. Dorin T. Moisa (Compare)
  128. Dorin Teodor Moisa (Compare)
  129. Chris K.F. Molbech (Compare)
  130. Meyer Moldeven (Compare)
  131. Eusebius J. Molera (Compare)
  132. Dina Mollinger-Hooyer (Compare)
  133. J. Fitzgerald Molloy or Joseph Fitzgerald Molloy (Compare)
  134. D. Francisco de Moncada (Compare)
  135. Samuel H. Monk (Compare)
  136. Joseph Montano (Compare)
  137. Judith Cohen Montefiore (Compare)
  138. James Monteith (Compare)
  139. Lode Monteyne (Compare)
  140. Frederick Ferdinand Moore (Compare)
  141. Henry Keatley Moore (Compare)
  142. John Hamilton Moore (Compare)
  143. Joseph Hamilton Moore (Compare)
  144. George N. Morang or George Nathaniel Morang (Compare)
  145. José Morante (Compare)
  146. Clara Moreton (Compare)
  147. Edith J. Morley (Compare)
  148. Harry Morley (Compare)
  149. S. Griswold Morley (Compare)
  150. Frank J. Morlock (Compare)
  151. Yasotaro Morri (Compare)
  152. Charles E. Morris (Compare)
  153. Corbyn Morris (Compare)
  154. Joseph Ernest Morris (Compare)
  155. Gertrude W. Morrison (Compare)
  156. Harry Steele Morrison (Compare)
  157. John Arch Morrison (Compare)
  158. William Douglas Morrison (Compare)
  159. Honoré Willsie Morrow (Compare)
  160. Isabel Moser (Compare)
  161. Marion Dix Mosher (Compare)
  162. F. W. Mott (Compare)
  163. P. A. Motteux (Compare)
  164. Sarah S. Mower (Compare)
  165. J. B. Moyle (Compare)
  166. Jessie Muir (Compare)
  167. A. P. Mukerji (Compare)
  168. Devabrata Mukherjee (Compare)
  169. Louis Mullem (Compare)
  170. Eugène Muller (Compare)
  171. Jozef Muls (Compare)
  172. E. Jr. Munguia (Compare)
  173. J. A. Munk or Joseph Amasa Munk (Compare)
  174. John Munro (Compare)
  175. Charles A. Murdock or Charles Albert Murdock (Compare)
  176. D. L. Murray (Compare)
  177. E. R. Murray (Compare)
  178. M. A. Murray (Compare)
  179. Marr Murray (Compare)
  180. Robert F. Murray or Robert Fuller Murray (Compare)
  181. Philip E. Muskett (Compare)
  182. Edmund Myer (Compare)
  183. Philip Van Ness Myers (Compare)
  184. Sarah A. Myers or Sarah Ann Myers (Compare)
  185. Tadashi Nakashima (Compare)
  186. A. R. Narayanan (Compare)
  187. H. R. Naylor (Compare)
  188. Charles F. Neagle (Compare)
  189. Nebe Quartett (Compare)
  190. George Henry Needler (Compare)
  191. Lewis Irving Neikirk (Compare)
  192. Marion Harris Neil (Compare)
  193. Robert Nemiroff (Compare)
  194. Eugen Neuhaus (Compare)
  195. Fernand Neuray (Compare)
  196. New Zealand. Special Committee on Moral Delinquency in Children and Adolescents (Compare)
  197. Arthur Newcomb (Compare)
  198. Jane H. Newell (Compare)
  199. Horace W. C. Newte or Horace Wykeham Can Newte (Compare)
  200. Caroline Clifford Newton (Compare)