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  1. Cicely Kent (Compare)
  2. Grace Helen Kent (Compare)
  3. Anni Kepplerus (Compare)
  4. Francis Kermode (Compare)
  5. Robert Joseph Kerner (Compare)
  6. Stan Kerr (Compare)
  7. Friedrich Kerst (Compare)
  8. Ph. J. Ketner (Compare)
  9. G. Kielder (Compare)
  10. P. Kilgour (Compare)
  11. K. Kiljander (Compare)
  12. Robert Kiljander (Compare)
  13. W. D. Killen or William Dool Killen (Compare)
  14. James Alexander Kilpatrick (Compare)
  15. Hilja Kilpi (Compare)
  16. C. A. Kincaid (Compare)
  17. P. R. Kincaid (Compare)
  18. Alfred Castner King (Compare)
  19. Thomas L. Kinkead (Compare)
  20. Samuel Kirkham (Compare)
  21. John Kirtland (Compare)
  22. Arthur Kitson (Compare)
  23. Harry D. Kitson (Compare)
  24. A. Kloos (Compare)
  25. George Kmoch (Compare)
  26. Shepherd Knapp (Compare)
  27. Gertrude Knevels (Compare)
  28. Henry Herbert Knibbs (Compare)
  29. Henry Hubert Knibbs (Compare)
  30. Melvin Moses Knight (Compare)
  31. William Allen Knight (Compare)
  32. Arthur E. Knights (Compare)
  33. Daniel Knower (Compare)
  34. Frederic Lawrence Knowles (Compare)
  35. Marie Koenen (Compare)
  36. Julius Koestlin (Compare)
  37. Benjamin Kohlmeister (Compare)
  38. E. L. Kolb (Compare)
  39. Paola Koraleck (Compare)
  40. William J. Kountz (Compare)
  41. Rev. A. Krafft (Compare)
  42. Kaarlo Kramsu (Compare)
  43. Laura F. Kready (Compare)
  44. Vsevolod Vladimirovich Krestovskii (Compare)
  45. Karthik Krishnan (Compare)
  46. P. H. Kritzinger (Compare)
  47. J. Krohn (Compare)
  48. Francis Kruckvich (Compare)
  49. A. C. Kuiper (Compare)
  50. Leon Kuperman (Compare)
  51. Kåalidåasa (Compare)
  52. Monsieur L'Abbat (Compare)
  53. L'Union des Pères et des Mères dont les fils sont morts pour la Patrie (Compare)
  54. L.C. (Compare)
  55. John Victor Lacroix (Compare)
  56. An English Lady (Compare)
  57. Henry C. Lahee (Compare)
  58. A.H. Laidlaw (Compare)
  59. Pierre Eugène Lamairesse (Compare)
  60. Antoinette Abernethy Lamoreaux (Compare)
  61. Etienne Leon baron de Lamothe-Langon (Compare)
  62. L. Lamprey (Compare)
  63. William James Lampton (Compare)
  64. J. Landers (Compare)
  65. Trumpeter Landfrey (Compare)
  66. Claude Landi (Compare)
  67. Edward Wilson Landor (Compare)
  68. Anne Lane or Wintermute Lane (Compare)
  69. Enilor Macartney Lane (Compare)
  70. Jean Lang (Compare)
  71. Baron de Langsdorff (Compare)
  72. H. H. Langton (Compare)
  73. John Luther Langworthy (Compare)
  74. Lillian B. Lansdown (Compare)
  75. Otto Larssen (Compare)
  76. Elizabeth Latimer (Compare)
  77. Ph. Lauer (Compare)
  78. W. B. Laughead (Compare)
  79. Clara E. Laughlin (Compare)
  80. Louis de Launay (Compare)
  81. Jerome B. Lavay (Compare)
  82. Josephine Lawrence (Compare)
  83. Frederick Lawton (Compare)
  84. Mark Eliot Laxer (Compare)
  85. Victor LeFebure (Compare)
  86. Amy LeFeuvre (Compare)
  87. Elizabeth E. Lea (Compare)
  88. Arthur Herbert Leahy (Compare)
  89. W. H. Leathem (Compare)
  90. Lydia Leavitt (Compare)
  91. Thad. W.H. Leavitt (Compare)
  92. Eva Lecomte (Compare)
  93. Lady Biddulph of Ledbury (Compare)
  94. Jennette Barbour Perry Lee (Compare)
  95. F. H. Leeds (Compare)
  96. Francis Leggett (Compare)
  97. Georges Victor Legros (Compare)
  98. Edwin Partridge Lehman (Compare)
  99. Friedrich J. Lehmann (Compare)
  100. John Leighton (Compare)
  101. Kasimir Leino (Compare)
  102. Aaron W. Leland (Compare)
  103. P. J. Lennox (Compare)
  104. Frank Lenord (Compare)
  105. Pascual de Leon (Compare)
  106. Mary Finley Leonard (Compare)
  107. Nellie Mabel Leonard (Compare)
  108. Sterling Andrus Leonard (Compare)
  109. W. E. Leonard (Compare)
  110. Marie Leopold (Compare)
  111. Daniel Lescallier (Compare)
  112. Lawrence J. Leslie (Compare)
  113. Bob Lett (Compare)
  114. William Pittman Lett (Compare)
  115. Robert Levine (Compare)
  116. Jacob Joshua Levison (Compare)
  117. Angelo Lewis (Compare)
  118. Charlton Miner Lewis (Compare)
  119. H. Elvet Lewis (Compare)
  120. Margaret W. Lewis (Compare)
  121. Maurice Liber (Compare)
  122. Library of Congress. Copyright Office (Compare)
  123. M. Lievevrouw-Coopman (Compare)
  124. Lightheart (Compare)
  125. James T. Lightwood (Compare)
  126. Ottilie A. Liljencrantz or Ottilia Adelina Liljencrantz (Compare)
  127. Will Lillibridge (Compare)
  128. Jeanie Gould Lincoln (Compare)
  129. Joseph Crosby Lincoln (Compare)
  130. D. A. Lincoln (Compare)
  131. Natalie Sumner Lincoln (Compare)
  132. Maud Lindsay (Compare)
  133. Charles Ramsdell Lingley (Compare)
  134. William Alexander Linn (Compare)
  135. E. Lynn Linton (Compare)
  136. Julie M. Lippmann (Compare)
  137. Frederick Litchfield (Compare)
  138. Liuxiang (Compare)
  139. Albert Arthur Livingston (Compare)
  140. W. P. Livingstone (Compare)
  141. Hattie Greene Lockett (Compare)
  142. Joseph E. Loewenstein (Compare)
  143. E. L. Lomax (Compare)
  144. C. C. Long (Compare)
  145. H. W. Long or Harland William Long (Compare)
  146. Helen Beecher Long (Compare)
  147. Thomas Longueville (Compare)
  148. Lopez and Hamilton's Kings of Harmony (Compare)
  149. Frances Ellen Lord (Compare)
  150. Edmund S. Lorenz (Compare)
  151. Noah Lott (Compare)
  152. Charles Louandre (Compare)
  153. Eugène Loudun (Compare)
  154. Gabriel Louis-Jaray (Compare)
  155. Harriet Camp Lounsbery (Compare)
  156. Pieter Louwerse (Compare)
  157. Miss Lovechild (Compare)
  158. Charles P. Lowe or xylophone Lowe (Compare)
  159. Clara M. S. Lowe (Compare)
  160. Samuel E. Lowe or Samuel Edward Lowe (Compare)
  161. Edith B. Lowry or Edith Belle Lowry (Compare)
  162. Helen Bullitt Lowry (Compare)
  163. Lady Mary Sophia Loyd or Hely-Hutchinson Loyd (Compare)
  164. Fredric Lozo (Compare)
  165. Yu Lu (Compare)
  166. Fray Miguel Lucio y Bustamante (Compare)
  167. Johanna G. Lugt (Compare)
  168. T. W. Lumb (Compare)
  169. Louis Lumet (Compare)
  170. Axel Lundegård (Compare)
  171. Guanzhong ca. 1330-ca. 1400 Luo (Compare)
  172. Milan Lusk or houslove solo Lusk (Compare)
  173. Grace Livingston Hill Lutz (Compare)
  174. Henry F. Lutz or Henry Frey Lutz (Compare)
  175. Francis Lynde (Compare)
  176. John Lyth (Compare)
  177. Honorio López (Compare)
  178. Shang Lü (Compare)
  179. John M'lean (Compare)
  180. M. T. W. (Compare)
  181. W. M. (Compare)
  182. Carl Maag (Compare)
  183. R. A. Stewart MacAlister (Compare)
  184. James MacCaffrey (Compare)
  185. Porter MacClintock or Lander MacClintock (Compare)
  186. William Darnall MacClintock (Compare)
  187. Victor MacClure (Compare)
  188. J. A. MacCulloch (Compare)
  189. David MacDill (Compare)
  190. Anne MacDonell (Compare)
  191. Kate Seymour MacLean (Compare)
  192. Francis Augustus MacNutt (Compare)
  193. Canon Maccoll (Compare)
  194. J. Macfarlane (Compare)
  195. J. B. Mackenzie or James Bovell Mackenzie (Compare)
  196. Ben Macomber (Compare)
  197. John Albert Macy (Compare)
  198. Jean Macé (Compare)
  199. Mildred Maddocks (Compare)
  200. James H. Maggard (Compare)