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Professor Hoffmann (1839–1919) was the pseudonym of Angelo John Lewis, an English-born barrister and writer who has been described as "the most prolific and influential magic author and translator until modern times."[1]

Professor Hoffmann, 1918

Life edit

Professor Hoffmann was born as Angelo John Lewis in London, England on 23 July 1839. He studied law at Oxford University and became a barrister in London.[2]

During the early 1860s he learned magic from a book and became an amateur magician. Under the pen name Professor Hoffmann, in 1873 he published a series of articles in Routledge's Every Boy's Annual which "launched his career as the most prolific and influential magic author and translator until modern times."[1]

In 1876, Professor Hoffman published Modern Magic to educate the public in how to become a magician, including how to perform sleight of hand tricks, as well as how to dress and speak.[2] Hoffmann's book was successful, allowing him to become a full-time writer. He subsequently published a variety of books and articles, including the children's novel Conjurer Dick and several compendiums of illusions.[2] He also wrote on card games including patience.

Works edit

The following is a selection of Hoffmann's works:[3]

  • Modern Magic (1876)
  • The Cyclopaedia of Card and Table Games. (1891).
  • The Illustrated Book of Patience Games. (1892).
  • Latest Magic, Being Original Conjuring Tricks [2020 reprint]
  • Bridge (1924)
  • Selected Patience Games (188?)
  • Card Tricks with Apparatus (1892)

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