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  1. Hector Bernier (Compare)
  2. Robert Lee Berry (Compare)
  3. H. Bertens (Compare)
  4. Samuel-Henry Berthoud (Compare)
  5. Huguette Bertrand (Compare)
  6. Pierre Besnier (Compare)
  7. George Herbert Betts (Compare)
  8. William George Laurence Beynon (Compare)
  9. Martha Gilbert Dickinson Bianchi (Compare)
  10. Alfred Biese (Compare)
  11. Mary Ann H. T. Bigelow (Compare)
  12. Walter Bigges (Compare)
  13. E. Ernest Bilbrough (Compare)
  14. Ledyard Bill (Compare)
  15. W. Binet (Compare)
  16. Ed. Bing Ding (Compare)
  17. Samuel A. Binion (Compare)
  18. Catherine H. Birney (Compare)
  19. Austin Bishop (Compare)
  20. Julia Truitt Bishop (Compare)
  21. Nathaniel H. Bishop or Nathaniel Holmes Bishop (Compare)
  22. Edwin Björkman (Compare)
  23. Edith Ferguson Black (Compare)
  24. George Fraser Black (Compare)
  25. Andrew J. Blackbird (Compare)
  26. Vernon Blackburn (Compare)
  27. Mrs. Blackford (Compare)
  28. Mary Blaiklock (Compare)
  29. Mary E. Blain (Compare)
  30. Captain John Blaine (Compare)
  31. Albert F. Blaisdell (Compare)
  32. Etta Austin Blaisdell (Compare)
  33. Mary Frances Blaisdell (Compare)
  34. Katherine D. Blake (Compare)
  35. W. H. Blake (Compare)
  36. Dr. Henri Blanc (Compare)
  37. Lucy M. Blanchard (Compare)
  38. Phyllis Mary Blanchard (Compare)
  39. William Wallace Blancke (Compare)
  40. W. Blaydes (Compare)
  41. Willard Grosvenor Bleyer (Compare)
  42. The Blue Ridge Duo (Compare)
  43. Samuel G. Blythe (Compare)
  44. Emile Blémont (Compare)
  45. R. C. Boer (Compare)
  46. T. Tj. de Boer (Compare)
  47. John Elder Boggs (Compare)
  48. Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue (Compare)
  49. John R. Bolles (Compare)
  50. Cecil Henry Bompas (Compare)
  51. A. Russell Bond (Compare)
  52. Gertrude Bone (Compare)
  53. Jesse F. Bone or Jesse Franklin Bone (Compare)
  54. Ralph Bonehill (Compare)
  55. Jerry Bonnell (Compare)
  56. Richard Bonner (Compare)
  57. Willard Bonte (Compare)
  58. John W. Bookwalter (Compare)
  59. Commissioner Booth-Tucker (Compare)
  60. Henry Bore (Compare)
  61. Frederick Charles Findal Bosanquest (Compare)
  62. G. Bosch (Compare)
  63. Robert Bruce Boswell (Compare)
  64. Adrien-Jean-Baptiste-François Bourgogne (Compare)
  65. H. R. Fox Bourne or Henry Richard Fox Bourne (Compare)
  66. Henry Eldridge Bourne (Compare)
  67. John Bell Bouton (Compare)
  68. Earl Wayland Bowman (Compare)
  69. A. S. Boyd (Compare)
  70. Mary Stuart Boyd (Compare)
  71. Wallace C. Boyden or Wallace Clarke Boyden (Compare)
  72. R. Dillon Boylan (Compare)
  73. Richard C. Boys (Compare)
  74. Amory H. Bradford (Compare)
  75. Sarah H. Bradford or Sarah Hopkins Bradford (Compare)
  76. Alice Bradley (Compare)
  77. Glenn D. Bradley or Glenn Danford Bradley (Compare)
  78. H. Bradley (Compare)
  79. Henry Hawkins Brampton (Compare)
  80. Fred Brandt (Compare)
  81. George Brannon (Compare)
  82. L. Brasier (Compare)
  83. Annie Allnut Brassey (Compare)
  84. Richard Griffin Baron Braybrooke (Compare)
  85. James O. Brayman (Compare)
  86. Percy James Brebner (Compare)
  87. Gerald Breckenridge (Compare)
  88. Juliet Bredon (Compare)
  89. Col. S. L. Brengle (Compare)
  90. Cloudesley Shovell Henry Brereton (Compare)
  91. Cyprian Admiral Bridge (Compare)
  92. Thomas Charles Bridges (Compare)
  93. Isaac G. Briggs (Compare)
  94. Miss Brightwell (Compare)
  95. Mary D. Brine (Compare)
  96. R. M. Brinkerhoff (Compare)
  97. British Military Band (Compare)
  98. R. J. Broadbent (Compare)
  99. Broadway Dance Orchestra (Compare)
  100. Maurice Walter Brockwell (Compare)
  101. M. G. Brondgeest (Compare)
  102. Amy Brooks (Compare)
  103. Charles S. Brooks (Compare)
  104. Charles T. Brooks (Compare)
  105. Henry M. Brooks (Compare)
  106. J. Tyrwhitt Brooks (Compare)
  107. P. A. S. van Limburg Brouwer or Petrus Abraham Samuel van Limburg Brouwer (Compare)
  108. Harriette Brower (Compare)
  109. Edna Adelaide Brown (Compare)
  110. John Brown of Wamphray (Compare)
  111. Robert Carlton Brown (Compare)
  112. William N. Brown (Compare)
  113. Theo. Stephenson Browne (Compare)
  114. William Ernst Browning (Compare)
  115. Uno Brummer (Compare)
  116. Dan B. Brummitt (Compare)
  117. Friedrich Bruns (Compare)
  118. Captain Samuel Brunt (Compare)
  119. Walter W. Bryant (Compare)
  120. Charles Bryce (Compare)
  121. Charles Neville Buck (Compare)
  122. Sarah F. Buckelew (Compare)
  123. Arabella B. Buckley (Compare)
  124. Huber Gray Buehler (Compare)
  125. A. J. Bueltmann (Compare)
  126. John Buffa (Compare)
  127. Douglas Labaree Buffum (Compare)
  128. Thomas M.D. Bull (Compare)
  129. Alexander Clark Bullitt (Compare)
  130. Tom Bullock (Compare)
  131. John Thackray Bunce (Compare)
  132. Oliver Bell Bunce (Compare)
  133. Fanny Elizabeth Bunnett (Compare)
  134. Emily Burbank (Compare)
  135. Thomas H. Burgoyne (Compare)
  136. Maurice Burkhart (Compare) - Different person. PG person is 1887-1958, book is some sort of WW1 memoir.
  137. Cyril Burleigh (Compare)
  138. Dr. Burlureaux (Compare)
  139. William Burnaby (Compare)
  140. Clara Louise Burnham (Compare)
  141. Margaret Burnham (Compare)
  142. Agnes Rush Burr (Compare)
  143. Barkham Burroughs (Compare)
  144. John Bursey (Compare)
  145. Henry Bursill (Compare)
  146. Rollo Gillespie Burslem (Compare)
  147. Emily Rose Burt (Compare)
  148. Katharine Newlin Burt (Compare)
  149. Mary E. Burt (Compare)
  150. Isabel Lady Burton (Compare)
  151. Marie Busch (Compare)
  152. David V. Bush (Compare)
  153. Katharine Caroline Bushnell (Compare)
  154. Alex. Butler (Compare)
  155. H.E. Butler (Compare)
  156. Josephine E. Butler or Josephine Elizabeth Grey Butler (Compare)
  157. W. J. Atkinson Butterfield (Compare)
  158. Frederick J. Byerley (Compare)
  159. Mildred Stapley Byne (Compare)
  160. Jess Byrd (Compare)
  161. Isabel C. Byrum or Isabel Coston Byrum (Compare)
  162. M. Joseph Bédier (Compare)
  163. Docteur Henri Béland (Compare)
  164. Waldemar Bülow (Compare)
  165. Boyd Cable or Ernest Andrew Ewart Cable (Compare)
  166. Sofronio G. Calderon (Compare)
  167. Frances Calderón de la Barca (Compare)
  168. George Walter Caldwell (Compare)
  169. Alfred Rochefort Calhoun (Compare)
  170. Frances Boyd Calhoun (Compare)
  171. Morgan Callaway , Jr. (Compare)
  172. Dion Clayton Calthrop (Compare)
  173. S. R. Calthrop (Compare)
  174. Eduardo Martin de la Camara (Compare)
  175. M. Jules Cambon (Compare)
  176. Hector Charles Cameron (Compare)
  177. Wadsworth Camp (Compare)
  178. Blendon Campbell (Compare)
  179. Dudley M. Campbell (Compare)
  180. J. L. Campbell (Compare)
  181. Robert Granville Campbell (Compare)
  182. Jose Campo-Arana (Compare)
  183. Arthur Graves Canfield (Compare)
  184. Jean-Baptiste Caouette (Compare)
  185. Margaret Spraque Carhart (Compare)
  186. A. de Carlowitz (Compare)
  187. Emilie F. Carlén (Compare)
  188. Alfred Carmichael (Compare)
  189. Robert D. Carmichael (Compare)
  190. Elme Caro (Compare)
  191. Carolus Charles-Auguste Durand or Charles-Auguste Durand (Compare)
  192. Minnie Lindsay Rowell Carpenter (Compare)
  193. Annie Roe Carr (Compare)
  194. Zulma Carraud (Compare)
  195. Robert S. Carroll (Compare)
  196. Charles Franklin Carter (Compare)
  197. Herbert Carter (Compare)
  198. David Nunes Carvalho (Compare)