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  1. Walter R. Cassels (Compare)
  2. Gordon Casserly (Compare)
  3. Virginia Carter Castleman (Compare)
  4. Modesto de Castro (Compare)
  5. H. S. Caswell or Harriet S. Caswell (Compare)
  6. Victor Catala (Compare)
  7. Ralph Centennius (Compare)
  8. Alphonse Chabot (Compare)
  9. Amédée Chaillot (Compare)
  10. Purnananda Chakravartin (Compare)
  11. Father Candide Chalippe (Compare)
  12. Amy D. V. Chalmers (Compare)
  13. George Agnew Chamberlain (Compare)
  14. C. E. Chambers (Compare)
  15. Champollion le Jeune (Compare)
  16. Ausone de Chancel (Compare)
  17. Katherine Chandler (Compare)
  18. Mary G. Chandler (Compare)
  19. Jeremiah Rev. Chaplin (Compare)
  20. Allen Chapman (Compare)
  21. J. Wilbur Chapman (Compare)
  22. Eliza B. Chase or Eliza Brown Chase (Compare)
  23. Eliza E. Chase (Compare)
  24. Arthur G. Chater (Compare)
  25. Pye Henry Chavasse (Compare)
  26. H.J. Chaytor (Compare)
  27. Harriet A. Cheever (Compare)
  28. F. H. Cheley (Compare)
  29. Dorothée Chellier (Compare)
  30. A. Cheneviere (Compare)
  31. Roland Jon Cheney (Compare)
  32. J. L. Cherry (Compare)
  33. E. Cherubini (Compare)
  34. Howard J. Chidley or Howard James Chidley (Compare)
  35. Addie Chisholm (Compare)
  36. Louey Chisholm (Compare)
  37. Charlotte E. Chittenden (Compare)
  38. Newton H. Chittenden or Newton Henry Chittenden (Compare)
  39. Gregorian Choir (Compare)
  40. Chonán Maol (Compare)
  41. Alexander H. Chorney (Compare)
  42. Oratorio Chorus (Compare)
  43. A. Christen (Compare)
  44. W. E. Christian (Compare)
  45. Jules François Christophe (Compare)
  46. F. Earl Christy (Compare)
  47. Alfred J. Rev. Church (Compare)
  48. Ella Rodman Church (Compare)
  49. Allen L. Churchill (Compare)
  50. Jonathan Prince Jr. Cilley (Compare)
  51. Ellen Clacy (Compare)
  52. Bertha M. Clark (Compare)
  53. Donald Lemen Clark (Compare)
  54. Dougan Clark (Compare)
  55. Felicia Buttz Clark (Compare)
  56. Sereno D. Clark (Compare)
  57. Sue Ainslie Clark (Compare)
  58. Walter J. Clark (Compare)
  59. C. B. Clarke (Compare)
  60. George Herbert Clarke (Compare)
  61. Helen A. Clarke (Compare)
  62. William J. Claxton (Compare)
  63. Beatrice Clay (Compare)
  64. Louisa Clayton (Compare)
  65. Clara Erskine Clement (Compare)
  66. Helen Clergue (Compare)
  67. James L. Clifford (Compare)
  68. J. Clontz (Compare)
  69. Timothy Clontz (Compare)
  70. Myla Jo Closser (Compare)
  71. Ethlyn T. Clough (Compare)
  72. W. A. Clouston (Compare)
  73. A. Clutton-Brock or Arthur Clutton-Brock (Compare)
  74. J. Mclaren Cobban (Compare)
  75. James Seaton Cockburn (Compare)
  76. John Thomas Codman (Compare)
  77. H. A. Cody or Hiram Alfred Cody (Compare)
  78. Ida Coe (Compare)
  79. Grégoire-Gaspard-Félix Coffinières de Nordeck (Compare)
  80. Josef Cohen (Compare)
  81. R. Cohen (Compare)
  82. Ralph Cohen (Compare)
  83. Henry J. Coke or Henry John Coke (Compare)
  84. Grace Isabel Colbron (Compare)
  85. Charles William Colby (Compare)
  86. Homer W. Colby (Compare)
  87. Joanna C. Colcord (Compare)
  88. Mabel Cole (Cook) (Compare)
  89. James P. Cole (Compare)
  90. Mary Cole (Compare)
  91. Chapman Coleman (Compare)
  92. Thomas Colignatus (Compare)
  93. Stuart Dodgson Collingwood (Compare)
  94. J. E. Collins or Joseph Edmund Collins (Compare)
  95. Rev. W. Lucas Collins (Compare)
  96. Oliver C. Colt (Compare)
  97. Arthur Willis Colton (Compare)
  98. A. Cominelli (Compare)
  99. Commune de Amiens/Nancy (Compare)
  100. Tomás de Comyn (Compare)
  101. H. W. Conn or Herbert William Conn (Compare)
  102. Diocese Of Connecticut (Compare)
  103. W. F. Conover (Compare)
  104. Joan Conquest (Compare)
  105. Thomas Constable (Compare)
  106. Prosper Paleologus Constantine (Compare)
  107. The Consumers' League of New York (Compare)
  108. Edward Conybeare (Compare)
  109. George E. Cook (Compare)
  110. Martha Elizabeth Duncan Walker Cook (Compare)
  111. Arthur Owens Cooke (Compare)
  112. George Willis Cooke (Compare)
  113. Grace MacGowan Cooke (Compare)
  114. Marjorie Benton Cooke (Compare)
  115. Norman Coombs (Compare)
  116. Henry St. John Cooper (Compare)
  117. James A. Cooper (Compare)
  118. Lane Cooper (Compare)
  119. Michael D. Cooper (Compare)
  120. Bennet Copplestone (Compare)
  121. Hubert C. Corlette (Compare)
  122. Mary Spring Corning (Compare)
  123. Charles John Cornish (Compare)
  124. Joseph Corry (Compare)
  125. Alexander Corréard (Compare)
  126. M. Corvus (Compare)
  127. David Magie Cory (Compare)
  128. Miss Coulton (Compare)
  129. Stephen Angus Cox (Compare)
  130. Samuel Woodworth Cozzens (Compare)
  131. R. A. D. V. M. Craig (Compare)
  132. Henry Rt. Hon. Craik (Compare)
  133. A. D. Crake or Augustine David Crake (Compare)
  134. Laura Dent Crane (Compare)
  135. L. Cranmer-Byng or Launcelot Cranmer-Byng (Compare)
  136. Charles N. Crewdson or Charles Newman Crewdson (Compare)
  137. George W. Crile or Washington Crile (Compare)
  138. Delmer Eugene Croft (Compare)
  139. F. J. Cross (Compare)
  140. Mary Catherine Crowley (Compare)
  141. Charles Thomas Cruttwell (Compare)
  142. Hermenegildo Cruz (Compare)
  143. J. T. Cunningham (Compare)
  144. E. Hamilton Currey (Compare)
  145. D. Thomas Curtin (Compare)
  146. Alice Turner Curtis (Compare)
  147. Georgina Pell Curtis (Compare)
  148. William Eleroy Curtis (Compare)
  149. W. H. R. Curtler (Compare)
  150. Max Pearson Cushing (Compare)
  151. Mary Stewart Doubleday Cutting (Compare)
  152. G. P. Cuttriss (Compare)
  153. Ellen M. Cyr (Compare)
  154. Charles D'Almaine or violin D'Almaine (Compare)
  155. Robert D'Awans (Compare)
  156. Ernest D'Hervilly (Compare)
  157. Edward Dacres (Compare)
  158. Foxhall Daingerfield Jr. (Compare)
  159. Marvin Hill Dana (Compare)
  160. Josephine Marchand Dandurand (Compare)
  161. Florence Daniel (Compare)
  162. Addie Worth Daniels (Compare)
  163. Charles R. Daoust (Compare)
  164. Esther Birdsall Darling (Compare)
  165. Edgar B. P. Darlington (Compare)
  166. W. H. T. Dau or William Herman Theodore Dau (Compare)
  167. William Heaford Daubney (Compare)
  168. Ebenezer Davies (Compare)
  169. Andrew McFarland Davis (Compare)
  170. Charles Belmont Davis (Compare)
  171. Charles E. Davis (Compare)
  172. F. Hadland Davis (Compare)
  173. Matthew L. Davis or Matthew Livingston Davis (Compare)
  174. Bradford M. Day (Compare)
  175. Edmund Day (Compare)
  176. Horace B. Day (Compare)
  177. Emilio De Marchi (writer) (not to be confused with the tenor, there is an article about him in the Italian Wikipedia)
  178. Odd De Presno (Compare)
  179. Charles DeGuise (Compare)
  180. David J. Deane (Compare)
  181. Auguste Debay (Compare)
  182. Louis Dechmann (Compare)
  183. Adrien Decourcelle (Compare)
  184. Paula Dehmel (Compare)
  185. Theresa Fulford Delaney (Compare)
  186. Germain Delavigne (Compare)
  187. Richard Delbecq (Compare)
  188. Delestre-Poirson (Charles-Gaspard) (Compare)
  189. Rafael Delgado (author) (Compare)
  190. Carol Della Chiesa (Compare)
  191. Amédée Delorme (Compare)
  192. Deng Xi (Compare)
  193. John Denvir (Compare)
  194. Charles E. Derbyshire (Compare)