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  1. L. A. Abbott (Compare) - b.1813 Single 1870 autobiography describing the authors marriages.
  2. T. S. Ackland or Thomas Suter Ackland (Compare) 1817-1892 - Single book defening (a form of) creationism.
  3. Tobias Aconite (Compare)
  4. E. E. Adams (Compare) "Government and Rebellion", a sermon from 1861 by the Reverend E.E. Adams.
  5. Edward Francis Adams (Compare) b.1839. "The Inhumanity of Socialism", 1913
  6. Francis A. Adams (Compare)- single political novel
  7. Harriet A. Adams (Compare) d-1885? Single novel
  8. J. S. Adams (Mrs) (Compare) 1845-1885. Single novel.
  9. John S. Adams or John Stowell Adams (Compare) d-1893? Single novel, 1855.
  10. M. H. Adams (Mrs)(Compare) Editor of a book of short stories.
  11. Sherred Willcox Adams (Compare)
  12. Alvin Addison (Compare)
  13. Walter F. Adeney (Compare)
  14. W. Bion Adkins (Compare)
  15. Paul Adrien (Compare)
  16. D. D. Cottrell\'s Subscription Agency (Compare)
  17. José Nieto Aguilar (Compare)
  18. Juho Ahava (Compare)
  19. Percy C. Ainsworth (Compare)
  20. R. B. Ainsworth (Compare)
  21. George A. Aitken (Compare)
  22. Florence Akin (Compare)
  23. Georgia Alexander (Compare)
  24. John L. Alexander (Compare)
  25. Meer Hassan Ali (Compare)
  26. Brigadier Margaret Allen (Compare)
  27. Captain Quincy Allen (Compare)
  28. Captain Quincy Allen or perhaps Quincy Allen (Compare)
  29. Edith H. Allen (Compare)
  30. Emory Adams Allen (Compare)
  31. Nathan H. Allen (Compare)
  32. R. W. Allen (Compare)
  33. William Ferneley Allen (Compare)
  34. Samuel Buell Allison (Compare)
  35. R. L. Alsaker (Compare)
  36. Rahul Alvares (Compare)
  37. Amerel (Compare)
  38. American Concert Orchestra (Compare)
  39. Azel Ames (Compare)
  40. John Conrade Amman (Compare)
  41. Émile Clément Amélineau (Compare)
  42. St. Joseph Anchieta (Compare)
  43. Ada Woodruff Anderson (Compare)
  44. Robert Gordon Anderson (Compare)
  45. Elizabeth Wheeler Andrew (Compare)
  46. Pedro de Angelis (Compare)
  47. Thomas Seccombe Arber (Compare)
  48. Charles J. Archard (Compare)
  49. M. A. Armour or Margaret-Ann Armour (Compare)
  50. Mary L. Day Arms (Compare)
  51. George B. Louis Arner (Compare)
  52. Cletto Arrighi (Compare)
  53. Warren T. Ashton (Compare)
  54. H. P. C. Ashworth (Compare)
  55. Alfred Assollant (Compare)
  56. Elizabeth Atkins (Compare)
  57. Atticus Hewitson . (Compare)
  58. Emily Paret Atwater (Compare)
  59. J. Atwood.Slater (Compare)
  60. Clara Augusta (Compare)
  61. Mellie von Auw (Compare)
  62. I. Windslow Ayer (Compare)
  63. E. C. Babbitt (Compare)
  64. Frances Henshaw Baden (Compare)
  65. Joseph E. Badger Jr. (Compare)
  66. Lode Baekelmans (Compare)
  67. Henry Baerlein (Compare)
  68. Almira Bailey (Compare)
  69. Ch. Bailly (Compare)
  70. William Peter Baines (Compare)
  71. George A. Baker Jr. (Compare)
  72. Emilie Kip Baker (Compare)
  73. Franklin T. Baker (Compare)
  74. Willard F. Baker (Compare)
  75. Eustace Hale Ball (Compare)
  76. W. J. Baltzell (Compare)
  77. Edith Bancroft (Compare)
  78. Elizabeth Davis Bancroft (Compare)
  79. Edison Concert Band (Compare)
  80. Edison Grand Concert Band (Compare)
  81. Friscoe "Jass" Band (Compare)
  82. His Majesty's Irish Guards Band (Compare)
  83. National Promenade Band (Compare)
  84. Banda de Zapadores de Mexico (Compare)
  85. S. B. Banerjea (Compare)
  86. Bao Gan (Compare)
  87. Charles Barbara (Compare)
  88. Eugenio Barbarich (Compare)
  89. Roque Barcia (Compare)
  90. Eginhard von Barfus (Compare)
  91. C. Helene Barker (Compare)
  92. Edward Harrison Barker (Compare)
  93. Nettie Garmer Barker (Compare)
  94. Charles Inman Barnard (Compare)
  95. William Francis Barnard (Compare)
  96. Barnes & Co. (Compare)
  97. Charles J. Barnes (Compare)
  98. Earl Barnes (Compare)
  99. Richard Barnum (Compare)
  100. Vance Barnum (Compare)
  101. K. M. Barrow (Compare)
  102. Clara Barrus (Compare)
  103. Etheldred B. Barry (Compare)
  104. J. G. H. Barry (Compare)
  105. Etienne Barsony (Compare)
  106. James Avis Bartley (Compare)
  107. William Eleazar Barton (Compare)
  108. Frans Bastiaanse (Compare)
  109. H. S. Battersby or Hannah S. Battersby (Compare)
  110. Ambrogio Bazzero (Compare)
  111. Charles Amory Beach (Compare)
  112. Charles Willing Beale (Compare)
  113. Thomas Dykes Beasley (Compare)
  114. Pat Beauchamp (Compare)
  115. F. Beavan (Compare)
  116. John Hendricks Bechtel (Compare)
  117. Clara M. Beede (Compare)
  118. Fannie A. Beers (Compare)
  119. Henry A. Beers (Compare)
  120. A. H. Beesley (Compare)
  121. Beirt Fhear (Compare)
  122. Captain Henry Bell (Compare)
  123. Bellini Ensemble Unique (Compare)
  124. Else C. M. Benecke (Compare)
  125. Laura Watson Benedict (Compare)
  126. Blackwood Ketcham Benson (Compare)
  127. Irene Elliott Benson (Compare)
  128. Luther Benson (Compare)
  129. Roy Jr. Benson (Compare)
  130. Vincent Benson (Compare)
  131. S.L. Bensusan (Compare)
  132. Friedrich Bente (Compare)
  133. Elbert Jay Benton (Compare)
  134. John Benwell (Compare)
  135. Frans Berding (Compare)
  136. J. A. Bergman (Compare)
  137. Vilhelm Bergsøe (Compare)
  138. Louis M. D. Berman (Compare)
  139. Marguerite Bernard (Compare)