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Wikipedia Selangor Meetup 1
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The Wikipedia Selangor Meetup 1 (the 3rd Wikipedia meetups in Malaysia) was the first Wikipedia meetup in Malaysia held in collaboration with Wikipedia Education Program and in the state of Selangor. The meetup was held on:

Things to bringEdit

  • Laptop or tablet
  • Notebook/pen/pencil
  • Portable modem (in case there is no access to Wi-Fi at the venue)
  • Multiple cable extensions (to accommodate other laptop/tablet users of electricity)
  • Camera (for group photo shooting)


Topics of discussionEdit

  • Nichole, the Asia regional focal point for the Wikipedia Education Program will present the education program and will answer any question regarding the program. Submit questions by email nsaad @, via talk page or the Facebook event.
  • SCAR 2016 Wikibomb

Minutes of MeetingEdit

Wikipedia ExpansionEdit

  • Ways to make Wikipedia reaches out to more countries, e.g. through Facebook, Twitter, Path, Foursquare
  • To search and establish country-level data for Wikipedia writing data
  • Discussion on 2016 Community Wishlist Survey
  • Phenomena on the tendency of people to create and develop new prime source for Wikipedia quote sources

Wikipedia EditorsEdit

  • To make Facebook/chat room/mailing list for Wikipedia Malaysia Meetup people
  • To create Wikipedia Malaysia User Group Facebook page
  • To make Whatsapp for Wikipedia Malaysia editors
  • To get more user groups into Wikipedia Malaysia
  • To think of balancing between being open (for giving credit) or being anonymous (e.g. using IP number) for Wikipedia editors
  • To see the Wikipedia Meta: "Wikipedia Malaysia"

Wikipedia Editing/WritingEdit

  • It's preferable to do more and more expansion to new/existing articles, then only to limit/cleanup those established articles
  • To classify articles based on popular or non-popular topics to get more editors for the latter ones
  • To make or further explain/guide editors on Wikipedia coding, especially on Wikipedia coding elements (e.g. html etc)
  • Solving the too-automated Wikimedia Commons categorization (e.g. Category:Malaysia, Category:Taipei etc)
  • Colonial English usage in Wikipedia
  • To get more information or photos from open-source websites, such as Lowyat/blog etc
  • To develop further articles related to transportation in Wikipedia
  • Neutral point of view in writing articles, especially those who involve politics or politicians
  • Legality of graphic design of public-domain logo
  • Legality of maps in Google Maps/Google Earth/satellite images
  • To create more and more svg maps (especially for Malaysian administrative division areas, e.g. districts, towns, villages etc)

Wikipedia Education ProgramEdit

  • Presentation on introduction to Wikipedia Education Program (URL:, YouTube: Program and Events Dashboard Demo)
  • To make outreach for Malaysia Education Program
  • Understanding of Wikipedia components of education, teaching and ICT tools
  • Examples: Ask teachers to tell students to write articles as means of part of education component during class time in strategies such as assignment, extracurricular activities, education camp etc
  • Showcases of samples of projects/tasks undertaken at schools/universities for the education program


Public transportEdit

Self drivingEdit

- Key-in Sudo Brew in Waze or Google Map
- Coordinate: 3°07'54.1"N 101°37'16.4"E

Disabled accessEdit

The venue is located on the ground floor with easy wheelchair access, equipped with toilet on the same floor.

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