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Everyone is cordially invited to attend a commemoration meetup, along with a few bronies, on the Saturday before the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Cahuenga at Campo de Cahuenga, which ended the California Campaign of the Mexican-American War. This event is a follow-up to a staff ride which occurred during the previous month, which commemorated the 175th anniversary of the Battle of San Pasqual. This is a meetup hosted by San Diego Wikimedians User Group within the geographic scope of the Wikimedians of Los Angeles.

Meetup detailsEdit

Image of Campo de Cahuenga taken by User:PKM in 2005.

Attendees are encouraged to abide by the current County of Los Angeles Public Health public health order at the time of the meetup.

Getting thereEdit

The recreated adobe structure is located near the intersection of Lankershire Boulevard and Campo de Cahuenga. While there is parking onsite, carpooling is encouraged. The structure is also within walking distance of the Universal City/Studio City station, if one wants to utilize Public Transportation.


The goals of this staff ride are:

  • Learn more about the Treaty of Cahuenga, and the Campo de Cahuenga, to help editors understand the event better, in the hope that they will improve the quality of the Wikipedia article of the battle.
  • Utilize photography to contribute new files to Wikimedia Commons to potentially be utilized in the article about the treaty and the structure, and associated articles.
  • Enhance relations with other organizations within the community which maybe interested in the subject of the California history.

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