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Wikipedia:2012 main page redesign proposal

Following a discussion on Talk:Main Page (currently at Talk:Main Page/Archive 168#Redesign competition), a competition for redesigning the content section of the Main Page has been proposed. It is expected that high profile web designers will team up with Wikipedians to develop submissions that are appealing to both the reader and the community. The proposed designs will be tested on readers, and the test results will be considered by the community prior to any decision. Please discuss on the talk page (Wikipedia talk:2012 main page redesign proposal).


The Main Page was last redesigned in March of 2006 (see: Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Usability/Main Page). There have been many alternatives proposed since then, without consensus. Some of these are listed at Wikipedia:Main Page alternatives.

In 2008, the following reasons were given for a redesign:oldid

  • The current page is bland and unexciting. It is hardly enticing to a new reader.
  • It is outdated in parts. Some links are to pages that are rarely used anymore, or are deprecated (e.g., Wikipedia:Local Embassy)
  • It doesn't cover much in the way of things like featured portals or good articles.
  • The arrangement needs looking at—some think Did You Know should have a more prominent position.
  • Links to better-used pages should be added.
  • There should be some description of the site itself. Currently there is nothing except "the free encyclopedia" and the number of articles.

In 2011, there was a WP:Requests for comment/Main Page features. Over 40 questions were asked, responded to, and those responses individually summarized.


Submissions consist of a subpage of this page, and it will automatically be listed below for consideration. A submission may be a link to a mockup hosted anywhere on the 'net, in any format (e.g. .swf, .html, etc), however to be accepted as a candidate the submission must include a wiki page that is the front page redesign with 'live' (dynamically updated) content blocks. Submissions by people who are unfamiliar with how to convert their mockup into a live redesign can solicit help from community members. Any submissions by an external organisation, or based on mockups hosted externally, must be accompanied by an explicit OTRS release of the design, placing it under CC-BY-SA 3.0 License and the GFDL. (a template will be provided).

Submissions that do not include the majority of the content blocks that are part of the current main page will not be accepted.

The evaluation of submissions will be conducted by running the designs live on the main page for readers who are not logged in. Readers will be clearly informed that they are viewing a redesign proposal, and they will be asked to provide feedback on the redesign. The methodology and technology for this evaluation period will be determined by the community in consultation with the Wikimedia Foundation. It is hoped that A/B testing, as used by the Wikimedia Foundation for the annual meta:Fundraiser, can be used. The test data will be made public and analysed.

The decision of whether to adopt a new design for the front page will be made at a well advertised Wikipedia:Request for comment.


The evaluation technology and process may depend on developers and Wikimedia Foundation staff availability. The evaluation period may need to avoid conflicts with other major WMF work like the annual Fundraiser. This is a draft timeline, subject to change after consultation with WMF.

Content blocksEdit

Currently used
section code notes
Today's featured Article {{#ifexpr:{{formatnum:{{PAGESIZE:Wikipedia:Today's featured article/{{#time:F j, Y}}}}|R}}>150|{{Wikipedia:Today's featured article/{{#time:F j, Y}}}}|{{Wikipedia:Today's featured article/{{#time:F j, Y|-1 day}}}}}} ...
Today's featured Picture {{#ifexist:Template:POTD protected/{{#time:Y-m-d}}|{{POTD protected/{{#time:Y-m-d}}}}|{{POTD protected/{{#time:Y-m-d|-1 day}}}}}} ...
Today's featured List {{#ifexist:Wikipedia:Today's featured list/{{#time:F j, Y}}|{{Wikipedia:Today's featured list/{{#time:F j, Y}}}}|{{TFLempty}}}} 2/week, Monday and Friday only
In the news {{In the news}} 5 or 6 bullet points, updates continuously.
Did you know... {{Did you know}} 8 bullet points, complete change every 6 or 8 hours.
On this day... {{Wikipedia:Selected anniversaries/{{#time:F j}}}} 5 bullet points (generally)
Other areas of Wikipedia {{Other areas of Wikipedia}} 6 bullet points, needs an update
Wikipedia's sister projects {{Wikipedia's sister projects}} ...
Wikipedia languages {{Wikipedia languages}} ...
banner notice {{Main Page banner}} full-width banner, rarely used, mostly for major milestones (1million+) and anniversaries (10yr)
Proposed for addition
section code notes
Featured Portal of the Week Not created yet A link to the portal, along with the other portals
... ... ...


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