Wellspring Theater

The Wellspring Theater (Chinese: 水源劇場; pinyin: Shuǐyuán Jùchǎng) is a theater in Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Wellspring Theater
Wellspring Theater sign outside of Shui Yuan Building 20171022.jpg
Address10F, Shui Yuan Building
LocationZhongzheng, Taipei, Taiwan
Coordinates25°00′49″N 121°32′06″E / 25.013683°N 121.535009°E / 25.013683; 121.535009Coordinates: 25°00′49″N 121°32′06″E / 25.013683°N 121.535009°E / 25.013683; 121.535009
Public transitGongguan Station
OwnerDepartment of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
OpenedNovember 2011[1]


Shui Yuan Building

The Shui Yuan Building (Chinese: 水源大樓) was once the unit of the Republic of China Armed Forces handling compulsory military service. In 2009, the building was rebuilt and reopened in November 2011.


Wellspring Theater entrance

Wellspring Theater is located on the 10th floor of the Shui Yuan Building.[2]


The theater is accessible within walking distance South East from Gongguan Station of the Taipei Metro.

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