Water polo at the 1904 Summer Olympics

At the 1904 Summer Olympics, a water polo tournament was contested, three club teams of seven players each entered.[1] A German team tried to enter, but its entry was refused because the players did not play for the same club.[2] The event took place in a pond in Forest Park, the location of both the Olympics and the World's Fair.[3] The pond was also used by cattle, and four of the Olympians died of typhus soon after the competition.[2]

Men's water polo
at the Games of the III Olympiad
Water polo game during 1904 Summer Olympics.
VenueU.S. Life Saving Exhibit Lake
DateSeptember 5 (semifinal)
September 6 (final)
Competitors21 from 1 nation
1st place, gold medalist(s) New York Athletic Club
 United States
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Chicago Athletic Association
 United States
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Missouri Athletic Club
 United States
← 1900
1908 →

Previously, the International Olympic Committee and International Swimming Federation (FINA) considered the water polo event at the 1904 Olympics as a demonstration sport.[1] However, in July 2021, after accepting the recommendation of Olympic historian Bill Mallon, the IOC recognized water polo along with several others as an official sport of the 1904 Olympic program.[4]

Medal summary edit

Gold Silver Bronze
  United States (USA)
New York Athletic Club
David Bratton
George Van Cleaf
Leo Goodwin
Louis Handley
David Hesser
Joe Ruddy
James Steen
  United States (USA)
Chicago Athletic Association
Rex Beach
Jerome Steever
Edwin Swatek
Charles Healy
Frank Kehoe
David Hammond
Bill Tuttle
  United States (USA)
Missouri Athletic Club
John Meyers
Manfred Toeppen
Gwynne Evans
Amedee Reyburn
Frank Schreiner
Augustus Goessling
Bill Orthwein

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