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Coordinates: 23°29′03.0″N 120°28′15.0″E / 23.484167°N 120.470833°E / 23.484167; 120.470833

Water Source Water Meter Room
General information
TypeFormer water meter room
LocationEast, Chiayi City, Taiwan

The Water Source Water Meter Room (Chinese: 水源地水錶室; pinyin: Shuǐyuán Dì Shuǐbiǎo Shì) is a former water meter room in East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan.[1]


The Chiayi waterway was constructed between July 1911 and March 1914 as part of the city waterway facilities. The room which houses the metering facility to measure the water flow was built in 1910 as the Water Meter Room. In 1954, water plants around Chiayi County (which then include Chiayi City at that time) were combined into the Chiayi Water Plant, with the exception of Puzi Water Plant. The Water Meter Room was then also renamed as Water Source Water Meter Room. The land where the meter room is located belongs to the forestry industry and due to the lack of access road to the room building, it was covered with plants and trees. However, due to the road widening nearby the structure, the meter room was revealed.


The meter room features a highly elegant shape with Baroque structure with thick pillars and simple gables.

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