War Leaders: Clash of Nations

War Leaders: Clash of Nations is a turn-based global strategy game bundled with a real-time tactics game mode, similar to that of the Total War series.

War Leaders: Clash of Nations
North American cover art
North American cover art
Developer(s)Enigma Software Productions
Publisher(s)V.2 Play (Europe)
DreamCatcher Interactive (North America)
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows Edit this on Wikidata
  • NA: September 7, 2009
  • EU: October 21, 2008

It was developed by Enigma Software Productions and was published by Virgin Play under its publishing sub-brand V.2 Play in Europe, E-Frontier in Japan and DreamCatcher Interactive in North America.


War Leaders: Clash of Nations is set in World War II. In Campaign Mode, the player can choose to play as one of seven real-life "war leaders"-Franklin Roosevelt (United States of America), Winston Churchill (Great Britain), Benito Mussolini (Fascist Italy), Hideki Tōjō (Empire of Japan), Charles de Gaulle (France) Adolf Hitler (Deutsches Reich) and Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union). There are three historical accuracy levels: Low, Medium, and High. In Low accuracy level, the player's faction can make alliances and declare war against any other major nation, while in Medium and High levels, the alliances are Axis/Allies and cannot be changed. To win the game in Low accuracy mode, the player must defeat all other nations or rule 80% of the world's territories (territories can be part of major nations or are the entirety of minor nations, with the exception of Holland, Belgium, Poland, China, Spain, and Portugal, minor nations that have more than one territory). In Medium accuracy mode, it is necessary to defeat all other nations by 1950, as in High accuracy. To defeat a major nation, you must kill or capture the "War Leader" animated figure representing the leader of the country or capture all of the nation's territories.

Battles can be fought in Campaign Mode like they are in Battle Mode, but the units that make up each "army" are pre-set, based on units created by the player through various "buildings", such as barracks, elite troop barracks, and aircraft factories. The player can choose to skip the battle and just learn the outcome, or else can retreat from battle. There are five outcomes for a battle: Major Defeat, Minor Defeat, Minor Victory, Major Victory, and Heroic Victory. A Heroic Victory gives the victorious army a "hero" character, and morale levels for the player's troops are raised. Sometimes, if a player wins a Major or Heroic victory, a "general" character is given to the victorious army.

There is a Multiplayer mode, as well as Battle mode, where Custom and Quick battles are playable. In a Quick Battle, the player chooses a battle with pre-set units (each country has different levels of units-infantryman, elite soldier, commando, machine-gunner, etc.) and a pre-set faction. There are two different types of Custom Battles: Annihilation and Kill the General. In Annihilation mode the player can choose his/her faction, the computer artificial intelligence's faction, and the units he/she wants to use in the game. All opposing units must be defeated in order to win. In Kill the General mode, a General (George S. Patton for the US, Bernard Law Montgomery for the UK, Erwin Rommel for Germany, Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque for France, Georgi Zhukov for the USSR, Tomoyuki Yamashita for Japan, and Giovanni Messe for Italy) is pre-set, while other units are chosen by the player. The opposing faction's General must be killed in order to win.