Vysotsky (skyscraper)

Vysotsky (Russian: Высоцкий) is the name of a skyscraper in Yekaterinburg. It is the third-tallest building in Russia outside of Moscow.

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Alternative namesAntey-3
General information
LocationYekaterinburg, Russia
Coordinates56°50′10.1″N 60°36′52.7″E / 56.836139°N 60.614639°E / 56.836139; 60.614639Coordinates: 56°50′10.1″N 60°36′52.7″E / 56.836139°N 60.614639°E / 56.836139; 60.614639
Construction started2006
CostUSD $150 million[1]
Architectural188.3 m (618 ft)
Top floor182.93 m (600 ft)
Technical details
Floor count54


View of the city from the observation deck

Vysotsky architecture business center and semi-skyscraper was built in 2011. It has 54 floors, total height: 188.3 m (618 ft). The business center Vysotsky hit the Guinness Book of Records, having become "The tallest multifunctional business center in the Ural-Siberian and Central-Asian regions."

An open sightseeing platform on the 52nd floor at the height of 186 metres (610 ft) offers a panoramic view of the city. The building serves as a nice orientation point when lost in the city.

The business center Vysotsky is named after Vladimir Vysotsky, a Soviet poet, musician, and actor. Also, it is a play on words: vysoky means "tall" in Russian. Behind the building is a bronze sculpture of Vladimir Vysotsky and his third wife, the French actress Marina Vlady.

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