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Christian Arceo (born December 1, 1990), professionally known as Vybe Beatz,[1] is an American record producer from San Jose, California. Vybe is best known for producing, hip hop R&B, and Trap instrumentals. He is also known for originally producing, All the Way Turnt Up by Roscoe Dash, & Travis Porter.

Vybe Beatz
Vybe beatz studio 2017.jpg
Vybe Beatz In the Studio in 2017
Background information
Birth nameChristian Arceo
Also known as
  • Vybe, Vylib, Vybe The Hitmaker
Born (1990-12-01) December 1, 1990 (age 28)
OriginSan Jose, California, United States
Years active2008–present
Associated actsRoscoe Dash, Travis Porter


Early lifeEdit

When Arceo was 13, he started downloading software programs off of the very popular limewire, which is how he found the first Digital Audio WorkStation (DAW) Sony Acid,[2] because he was very intrigued about composing music after he had started, he did some research on other DAW's and came across Fl Studio. He liked working on this so much that it would keep him up all day and night, and even after school he couldn't wait to create music.


Vybe was one of the first musicians to reach over 200 million plays on soundclick.[3] He produced the hit single by Roscoe Dash titled "All the Way Turnt Up". A controversy started around this song once another rap group Travis Porter recorded an alternate version to this song using the production made by Vybe,[4] and didn't feature Dash as the main artist / writer. Because of this, Dash re-recorded the song, and even had another producer K.E. on the Track re-produce the instrumental, and Dash featured this as his hit single for his debut album with interscope records.

Production CreditsEdit


Roscoe Dash - *"All The Way Turnt Up" (feat. Travis Porter)


Roscoe Dash - Ready Set Go!


Bizzle - Tough Love & Parables

  • Christ Reigns" (feat Bumps Inf, Redd Lettaz, & P Dub)
  • "Just Sayin"
  • "Regular People"


Emmy Gee - Rands and Nairas (feat AB Crazy and DJ Dimplez)



  • Devin Patrick - "Drugs" (feat. Lil Wyte)

Production Equipment and styleEdit

Vybe likes to keep his studio equipment simple yet efficient, he uses an AKAI Advance 49 Keyboard, Yamaha HS8's Studio monitors, Beyerdynamic DT 770 studio headphones, and various software plugins which includes Kontakt, Massive, and Keysacpe.[5] Vybe's style is described as versatile, smooth, melodic, bass, and bounce [6] which also includes his popular "Vibe" producer tag which was originally sampled from a 2007 Pontiac Vibe commercial.[7]


Aside from him inspiring himself to make good music, Vybe stated his influences [8] comes from Scott Storch, & The Runners.


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