Vozdvizhenka Street

Vozdvizhenka Street, (Russian: Воздвиженка), is a radial street connecting Manege Square and Arbat Square in central Arbat District of Moscow, Russia. The street's name refers to a monastery that existed here since 1450 and perished in the Fire of Moscow (1812). In 1934-1946, it was known as Comintern Street (улица Коминтерна), in 1946-1991 as Kalinin Street (улица Калинина) Kalinin Prospect (проспект Калинина).

Vozdvizhenka Street
Native nameВоздвиженка
Central Administrative Okrug
Arbat District
Postal code119019, 125009
Nearest metro station#3 Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya line Arbatskaya
#4 Filyovskaya line Arbatskaya
#1 Sokolnicheskaya line Biblioteka Imeni Lenina
#4 Filyovskaya line Aleksandrovsky Sad
Arseny Morozov House on Vozdvizhenka


Vozdvizhenka stretches due west from Kutafya Tower of Moscow Kremlin, past Mokhovaya Street, to Arbat Square on the Boulevard Ring. Present-day Vozdvizhenka incorporates a former square between Moscow Manege, Kutafya Tower and Mokhovaya Street that used to be a separate entity, called Sapozhkovskaya Square or Manege Square (different from present-day Manege Square).

Vozdvizhenka is the first stretch of an old route to Smolensk, continued west by New Arbat Street and Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Prior to development of New Arbat in 1960s, this route passed via old Arbat Street and Borodinsky Bridge. Vozdvizhenka today is a one-way, westbound street; opposite traffic from New Arbat is diverted through Znamenka Street.

Mosselprom, Schakovskoy, Morozov

Notable buildings and institutions include:


  • Official register of listed buildings maintained by City Commission for Cultural Legacy (Москомнаследие) [1]

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