Viridis Visconti (1354–1414) was an Italian noblewoman. Her marriage to Leopold III, Duke of Austria, Viridis was Duchess consort of Austria, Styria and Carinthia, she was also Countess consort of Tyrol.

Viridis Visconti
Duchess of Austria
Portrait of Viridis Visconti by Anton Boys
Bornc. 1352
Milan, Italy
Died1 March 1414 (aged 61-62)
Stična Abbey, Windic March
SpouseLeopold III, Duke of Austria
Leopold IV
Ernest the Iron
Frederick IV
HouseVisconti (by birth)
FatherBernabò Visconti
MotherBeatrice Regina della Scala

Family edit

Born in c.1354, Viridis was born in Milan,[1] a daughter of the Lord of Milan, Bernabò Visconti[2] and his wife Beatrice Regina della Scala.[3]

Viridis and the rest of her sisters secured politically advantageous marriages.

Marriage edit

Viridis married Leopold III, Duke of Austria,[2] son of Albert II, Duke of Austria and his wife Johanna of Pfirt. The couple had:

  1. William the Courteous[4]
  2. Leopold IV the Fat[5]
  3. Ernest the Iron[2]
  4. Frederick IV of the Empty Pockets[5]
  5. Elisabeth (1378–1392)
  6. Margaretha (1370–?)
  7. Catherine (1385–?), Abbess of St. Klara in Vienna

Viridis was widowed in 1386, and her eldest son William became Duke of Austria.

She was a long time benefactor of the Stična Abbey, and often lend money to the abbot of the monastery. As widow, she resided on a property close to the convent.

Viridis died on 1 March 1414 and out-lived at least three of seven children, since her younger daughter Katherine's date of death is unknown. Viridis is buried in Sittich, Karnten, Austria.[1]

Ancestry edit

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