Alboino I della Scala

Alboino I della Scala (c. 1284 – 29 November 1311[1]) was the Scaliger Lord of Verona from 1304 until his death.

Alboino I della Scala
Bornc. 1284
Died(1311-11-29)29 November 1311
Noble familyScaliger
Spouse(s)Caterina Visconti
Betrice da Corregio
FatherAlberto I della Scala

He was the son of Alberto I della Scala, and became seignior and imperial vicar in the city after the death of his brother Bartolomeo in 1304. In 1298 he had married Caterina Visconti, daughter of Matteo I Visconti; eight years later Alboino remarried with Betrice, daughter of Gilberto III da Correggio.

He was succeeded by the joint government of his son Alberto under the tutelage of his brother Cangrande. Alboino's younger son Mastino ruled Verona after the latter's death in 1329.

Alboino I della Scala
Born: c. 1284 Died: 29 November 1311
Preceded by Lord of Verona
Succeeded by