Lords of Verona

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The Lords of Verona ruled the city from 1260 until 19 October 1387 and for ten days in 1404. The lordship was created when Mastino I della Scala was raised to the rank of capitano del popolo from that of podestà. His descendants, the Scaliger, all Ghibellines, ruled the city and its vicinity as a hereditary seigniory for a century and a half, during which the city experienced its golden age.

Signore Rule Affiliation Notes(s)
Mastino I della Scala 7 October 1259 26 October 1277 Ghibelline Podestà of Verona
Elected signore in 1262
Alberto I della Scala 26 October 1277 3 September 1301 Ghibelline Former Podestà of Mantua
Brother of Mastino I
First hereditary signore
Bartolomeo I della Scala 3 September 1301 7 March 1304 Ghibelline Son of Alberto I
Alboino della Scala 7 March 1304 29 November 1311 Ghibelline Son of Alberto I
Cangrande I della Scala 29 November 1311 22 July 1339 Ghibelline Son of Alberto I
Joint-lord with Alboino I
Mastino II della Scala 22 July 1339 3 June 1351 Ghibelline Son of Alboino I
Joint-lord with Cangrande I
Alberto II della Scala Ghibelline Son of Alboino I
Joint-lord with Cangrande I
Cangrande II della Scala 3 June 1351 14 December 1359 Ghibelline Son of Mastino II
Son-in-law of Louis IV
Murdered by his brother Cansignorio
Cansignorio della Scala 14 December 1359 18 October 1375 Ghibelline Son of Mastino II
Paolo Alboino della Scala Ghibelline Son of Mastino II
Murdered by Cansignorio in death bed
Bartolomeo II della Scala 18 October 1375 12 July 1381 Ghibelline Natural son of Cansignorio
Murdered by his half-brother Antonio
Antonio I della Scala 12 July 1381 20 October 1388 Ghibelline Son of Cansignorio
Deposed by pro-Milanese nobles
Died in exile on 5 August 1388
(suspected being murdered by Visconti's envoys)
Gian Galeazzo Visconti 20 October 1388 3 September 1402 Ghibelline Elected signore by pro-Milanese nobles
Still Lord of Milan
Gian Maria Visconti 3 September 1402 8 April 1404 Ghibelline Son of Gian Galeazzo
Lacked of any authority over Verona
Deposed by anti-Visconti forces
Guglielmo della Scala 8 April 1404 18 April 1404 Guelph Natural son of Cangrande II
Re-enthroned by anti-Visconti forces
Murdered shortly after by his ally Francesco II da Carrara
Francesco II da Carrara 18 April 1404 22 June 1405 Guelph Usurper of Gugliemo
Still Lord of Padua
Executed after the Venetian victory in the War of Padua

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