Velopark (Brazil)

The Velopark is a motorsport centre opened in 2008, located in the city of Nova Santa Rita, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It was designed to have various layouts so that it could accommodate a wide variety of vehicles, such as karts, dragsters, and formula and touring cars.

LocationBR 386, km 428 s/nº, Nova Santa Rita-RS, Brazil
Time zoneGMT −3
Major eventsStock Car Brasil, Brazilian Formula Three Championship;TCR South American
Length1.338 mi

The Velopark consists of a main racecourse, a straight for dragsters, and three kart tracks including an oval, the only oval made for karts in South America.[1]


The track is composed of nine turns and two long straights, for a total length of 2,278 meters.[2]

Its first official race was held in May 2010 for Stock Car Brasil. It was won by Ricardo Maurício. This track has 9 curves and 3 sectors with 2 DRS zones. The circuit now also host the Brazilian Formula Three Championship.


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