Vanxim or Capão is an island of Goa situated in the Ilhas region. One can reach here by taking a ferry from Divar.[1] The colonial name for Vanxim was Capão. One may see a lot of houses with few villagers many of whom are fisher-folk in the area. Silveiras, Furtados, Vas, Olivera are surnames of people. Archdiocese of Goa played key role in selling the island to broker Mahendra Gaunekar who in turn sold it to Ozone corporate. Paddy fields are forced stopped by eco-terrorist attack. Luxury hotel and Golf Course is sort to be forced upon this island but faced resistance from alert islanders and others.


Ilha do Capão
Island Village paddy fields sold by the Archbishop of Goa
Location of Vanxim (dark blue in red circle) in Ilhas de Goa (light blue)
Location of Vanxim (dark blue in red circle) in Ilhas de Goa (light blue)
Vanxim is located in Goa
Vanxim is located in India
Coordinates: 15°32′43.6″N 73°54′44.3″E / 15.545444°N 73.912306°E / 15.545444; 73.912306Coordinates: 15°32′43.6″N 73°54′44.3″E / 15.545444°N 73.912306°E / 15.545444; 73.912306
Country India
DistrictNorth Goa
 • TypePanchayat of São Matias
8 m (26 ft)
 • Total550
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone Code0832


Church of Santo CristoEdit

Church of Santo Cristo

There is also a church in the area known as the Church of Santo Cristo, built in 1879 AD. During the months of April and May the feasts of the Miraculous Chapel and Santo Cristo are celebrated.

Chapel of the Miraculous CrossEdit

Chapel of the Miraculous Cross

An important landmark in Vanxim is the Chapel of the Miraculous Cross. It is well known in Goa as a lot of people from all over the state come here to make or fulfill vows.

River CrucifixEdit

River Crucifix of Vanxim

Branching out of Mandovi as one goes across the Naroa, a Cross is visible in the midst of waters before approaching Vanxim. Constructed by the villagers, the Cross was in the memory of a doctor, Louis Cabral, who drowned at this point when his canoe capsized while he was on his way to see a patient in Vanxim Island.[1]


Vanxim CemeteryEdit

Vanxim Cemetery

It is located near the Church of Santo Cristo. Many simple graves can be found here. It houses an alter.


There is also a relatively new temple situated here dedicated to goddess Sateri that was built in post-independence 1978.

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