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Vallejo is a rock band based in Austin, Texas, but formed in El Campo, Texas and Alabaster, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. Albums include their self-titled 1997 debut and Beautiful Life released in 1998, both on the TVT label, and Into the New, released by Sony in 2000. In 2002, Vallejo released Stereo, their first album on their label Vallejo Music Group (VMG). Vallejo's next release, Thicker Than Water, was released on VMG/Quadra Records in February 2008.

OriginEl Campo, Texas
Austin, Texas (since 1994)
GenresAlternative rock, indie rock, pop rock, Latin rock
Years active1994–present
LabelsTVT, Epic, Sony, Vallejo
MembersA.J. Vallejo
Alejandro Vallejo
Omar Vallejo
Bruce Waffleberry
Alex Geismar



Current membersEdit

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Studio albumsEdit

Year2016 TitleUnified LabelVMG
1994 Sins VMG
1997 Vallejo TVT
1998 Beautiful Life
2000 Into the New Sony
2002 Stereo VMG
2003 Black Sky
Steamboat Live '97
2005 Leftovers
2008 Thicker Than Water Quadra Entertainment / VMG
2010 Acousta VMG
2012 Brother's Brew VMG


Year Title Label
2009 Temporary Thing Quadra Entertainment / VMG

Non-album tracksEdit

Year Track Source
1996 "Against the Grain/Gypsy Queen" live – 7:13 From the KLBJ Local Licks Live '95 album
1998 "Forever (Is a Long Time)" live (A.J. Vallejo, Alejandro Vallejo, Bruce Castleberry) – 4:33 From the KLBJ Local Licks Live '97 album
1999 "Feliz Navidad" – 3:47 From the KLBJ Local Licks: Yule Rock! album
2001 "La Familia" live (A.J. Vallejo, Alejandro Vallejo, Omar Vallejo) – 5:55 From the KLBJ Local Licks Live XII album
2002 "I Go On" live (A.J. Vallejo, Alejandro Vallejo, Omar Vallejo) – 4:18 From the KLBJ Local Licks Live 13 album
2007 "Move On" – 3:09 From the INsite Austin Magazine This Is INsite Austin Music I album
2008 "Sweet Maria" – 3:36 From the Austin Latino Music Association Austin Music Mezcla 2008 album

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