Valentīna Gotovska

Valentīna Gotovska (born 3 September 1965 in Krāslava) is a retired Latvian long jumper.

Her personal best jump is 6.91 metres, achieved in June 2000 in Tartu. In her earlier career she was a high jumper, with a personal best of 1.97 metres from 1990. Gotovska retired after the 2005 season.


Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing the   Soviet Union
1990 European Championships Split, Yugoslavia 7th High jump 1.89 m
Representing   Latvia
1992 European Indoor Championships Genoa, Italy 5th High jump 1.85 m
Olympic Games Barcelona, Spain 13th High jump 1.83 m
1993 World Indoor Championships Toronto, Canada 17th (q) High jump 1.86 m
World Championships Stuttgart, Germany 8th High jump 1.91 m
1994 European Indoor Championships Paris, France 16th (q) High jump 1.85 m
Goodwill Games St. Petersburg, Russia 6th High jump 1.88 m
European Championships Helsinki, Finland 22nd (q) High jump 1.85 m
1995 World Indoor Championships Barcelona, Spain 27th (q) High jump 1.80 m
18th (q) Long jump 6.06 m
World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 26th (q) Long jump 6.32 m
1996 Olympic Games Atlanta, United States 28th (q) Long jump 6.08 m
1997 World Indoor Championships Paris, France 13th (q) Long jump 6.43 m
World Championships Athens, Greece 29th (q) Long jump 6.20 m
1998 European Championships Budapest, Hungary 15th (q) Long jump 6.47 m
1999 World Championships Seville, Spain 15th (q) Long jump 6.55 m
2000 European Indoor Championships Ghent, Belgium 11th (q) Long jump 6.42 m
Olympic Games Sydney, Australia 19th (q) Long jump 6.47 m
2001 World Indoor Championships Lisbon, Portugal 8th Long jump 6.46 m
World Championships Edmonton, Canada 5th Long jump 6.84 m
2002 European Championships Munich, Germany 12th Long jump 5.93 m
2003 World Championships Paris, France 11th Long jump 6.43 m
2004 World Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 5th Long jump 6.67 m
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 24th (q) Long jump 6.41 m
World Athletics Final Monte Carlo, Monaco 7th Long jump 6.11 m
2005 European Indoor Championships Madrid, Spain 12th (q) Long jump 6.29 m

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