VMRO – People's Party

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VMRO – People's Party (Macedonian: ВMPO–Народна Партија, VMRO–Narodna Partija), fully the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – People's Party (Macedonian: Внатрешна македонска револуционерна организација – Народна Партија), is a national-conservative[1] political party in North Macedonia, formed by the followers of the former Prime Minister Ljubčo Georgievski who split from the VMRO–DPMNE. The VMRO–NP was founded in Skopje on 4 July 2004. Vesna Janevska was elected as the party's first chairwoman.

VMRO – People's Party
ВМРО - Народна Партија
VMRO – Narodna Partija
LeaderLjubčo Georgievski
Founded4 July 2004
Split fromVMRO-DPMNE
Political positionCentre-right[5] to right-wing[4][6]
National affiliationWe Can
European affiliationAlliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe[7]
ColoursRed, Yellow, Black
1 / 120

The VMRO–NP was founded as an alternative to VMRO-DPMNE, as part of a disagreement with many of the policies of Ljubčo Georgievski's successor, Nikola Gruevski. The VMRO–NP's statute allowed dual membership in both parties. Its party program closely resembles that of the VMRO–DPMNE.[citation needed]

In the 2006 parliamentary election, VMRO–NP won 6.1% of the vote and 6 seats in the Assembly. In the 2011 parliamentary election, VMRO–NP received 28,500 votes (2.51%), losing all of its seats. VMRO–NP remained an extra-parliamentary party until the 2020 parliamentary election, when it participated in the We Can alliance led by the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia and won one seat.

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