The Vertical Launch - Short Range Surface to Air Missile, or VL-SRSAM is a quick reaction surface-to-air missile developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).[2] It features mid-course inertial guidance through fibre optic gyroscope and active radar homing in terminal phase. The missile features mid-course update via datalink for lock on before launch (LOBL) and lock on after launch capability (LOAL). VL-SRSAM is capable of being vertically launched from naval platforms of the Indian Navy. It is intended to replace older Barak-1 surface to air missile system onboard Indian Navy warships.[3] VL-SRSAM will be used as short range air defence system for Indian navy and Indian Air Force.[4]

Maiden launch of VL-SRSAM by DRDO (cropped).jpg
Maiden launch of VL-SRSAM by DRDO.
TypeSurface-to-air missile
Place of originIndia
Service history
In service2022 (2022) (planned)
Used by Indian Navy
Production history
DesignerDefence Research and Development Organisation
ManufacturerBharat Dynamics Limited
WarheadHigh-explosive pre-fragmented HMX/PU[1]

EngineSmokeless solid-propellant rocket motor
PropellantSolid fuel
40 km (25 mi) - 50 km (31 mi)
Mid-course: Fibre-optic gyro based inertial navigation system with mid-course update via datalink.
Terminal: Active radar homing
Surface Ship


VL-SRSAM is based on Astra Mark 1 Air to Air Missile with four cruciform short-span long-chord wings. But it comes with additional jet vane driven thrust vector control to enable quick reaction vertical launch from naval platforms for point and area defence roles. Each Vertical Launch System (VLS) can hold up to eight missiles for hot launch and multiple launch systems can be installed on a ship. VL-SRSAM is meant for neutralizing various aerial threats at medium and close ranges, including fighter targets and sea-skimming Anti-ship missiles.[5] It act as single point integrated solution that include missile and weapon control system (WCS) to detect and engage aerial targets from different directions with 360° interception capability.[6][7]

Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL), Research & Development Establishment (Engineers), Research Centre Imarat (RCI) and some private sector industries were involved in the design and development of the missile system as part of Development cum Production Partner programme (DCPP).[8][9] VL-SRSAM superseded the cancelled Maitri missile project undertaken jointly by MBDA and DRDO based on the work done on MICA and Trishul.[10]


DRDO successfully test fired two VL-SRSAM on 22 February 2021 at Odisha coast. The maiden launch tested the efficacy of vertical launch system and missile's maximum and minimum range. Both the missile successfully intercepted their target with pin point accuracy.[11]


DRDO has planned to offload the manufacture of the missile to a private sector company. Making it one of the first mainline weapon platform to be produced by a private industry under the aegis of Atmanirbhar Bharat.[12]



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