Váci út

Váci Avenue above Gyöngyösi utca metro station

Váci út (Váci Avenue, lit. Road to Vác) is one of the widest and busiest avenues in Budapest, Hungary. It is about 12 kilometers long and has four to eight traffic lanes.


It starts by the Grand Boulevard next to Nyugati Railway Station and runs to north in Angyalföld and Újpest - two populous former worker's district - crossing Dózsa György Avenue, Róbert Károly Boulevard and Árpád Avenue. There were several iron factories, tan-yards and clothes factories along Váci Avenue, it was one of the focal points of Hungarian workers' movement at the turn of the 20th century. Majority of factories closed after fall of the communism; banks, offices and other administrative buildings occupied former industrial areas.

Budapest Metro M3 runs under Váci Avenue, it has 7 metro stations from Nyugati pályaudvar to Újpest-városkapu (New Pest-City Gate, it was the city limit of Budapest before formation of Greater Budapest).

Notable buildingsEdit

National Police HQ
State Public Health and Medical Officer's Institution, sign on the building: Székesfővárosi Fertőtlenítő Intézet, lit.: Metropolitan Disinfecting Institution. Now the building is a national monument.


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Coordinates: 47°33′35″N 19°04′38″E / 47.5598°N 19.0772°E / 47.5598; 19.0772