Gyöngyösi utca metro station

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Gyöngyösi utca (Gyöngyösi Street) is a station on the Budapest Metro Line 3 (North-South). It is located under Váci út at its intersection with the streets Gyöngyösi utca and Meder utca.[2] The station was opened on 14 December 1990 as part of the extension from Árpád híd.[3]

Gyöngyösi utca
Budapest Metro station
Gyöngyösi utca metróállomás.jpg
LocationBudapest, Hungary
Coordinates47°32′55″N 19°04′22″E / 47.54861°N 19.07278°E / 47.54861; 19.07278Coordinates: 47°32′55″N 19°04′22″E / 47.54861°N 19.07278°E / 47.54861; 19.07278
Platforms2 side platforms
ConnectionsBus: 15, 105
Structure typeCut-and-cover underground
Depth4.51 m
Opened14 December 1990[1]
Rebuilt30 March 2019
Preceding station   Budapest Metro   Following station
Line 3

It serves the residential and commercial parts of northwestern and northern Angyalföld, including the Duna Pláza shopping mall, which features an underground walkway to the station. Next to the station, there is a smaller microraion with prefabricated block of flats. It also serves the new upscale residential complex Marina part, located up on the Danube.[2]



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