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Usmani or Osmani or Othmani or Uthmani (Arabic: عثمانی‎) is a large community (Urdu: Biradari‎), found mainly in South Asia. The word Usmani or Osman (one and the same thing) is a surname. Osmani are found throughout South Asia, and have spread across Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Usmani is a family name or surname belonging to the descendants of Uthman, a companion, second cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad married two of his daughters Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum to Uthman one after another.


The Osmani are a Urdu speaking community, and many are found among the Sindhis of Pakistan. They are of Arab origin and descendants of third Islamic Caliph Usman Dhul Noorayn (famously known as Uthman ibn Affan). The word usmani derived from Usman Dhul Noorayn, companion, son-in-law of Muhammad and the third caliph of Islam. One of the sub-continent's well known personalities Maulana Shabir Ahmed Usmani (Sheikh ul Islam) belongs to this origin. They claim that they came in India with sufi fakir Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti.

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They claim to have Turk ancestry and are found mainly in North-West India and Pakistan. They include the descendants of Karlugh Turks who came with Taimur in 1398-1399. They live in Hazara region and Kashmir regions of Pakistan.

Usmani of BilgramEdit

Ale Usman of Bilgram, a historical town in Awadh region in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh are the direct decedents of son-in-law of Muhammad and third Islamic Caliph Usman a through his grand son Abdullah Akbar bin Amr Bin Usman and from maternal side to the fourth Islamic Caliph and son-in-law of Muhammad, Ali through her grand daughter Fatimah Sughra bint Husain. they came to India from a small town of Kazroon (Ghazroon) in the Fars province of modern-day Iran. They first migrated to Herat in Afghanistan and from there they came to India with the army of Mahmood Ghaznavi in eleventh century AD. After conquering Bilgram in 1018 AD Qazi Yusuf Ghazrooni served as the first Qazi of Bilgram appointed by Mahmood Ghaznavi. Ale Usman of Bilgram holds the title of Qazi-ul- Bilgram since that time barring brief interregnum where another esteemed faction of Farshori Sheikhs of Bilgram held the position of Qazi.

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