Hello there I used to edit under the username of ACEOREVIVED (see User: ACEOREVIVED). Sadly, I was off-line for a very long time, but now - a welcome happening for any Wikipediholic! - I am back on-line. Those who remember my old name may remember that I used to teach psychology and continue to have interests here. However, I do enjoy making edits in general - probably on the talk pages. Going right back further, as far back as July 2005 (twelve years ago now at the time of this typing, i.e. August 2017) I see that I had done some edits using a name "Cardamom" that is in red links, because these were done before I had learnt to set up a user-page. These were done on the page on the Psychology of Religion, and date back to July 2005. I also made some contributions to the talk page of this article using the name "A. Carl" - again, in red letters. I see that I had a spell of using ACEO as my userpage name, and then, following a period of inactivity from Wikipedia, returned to Wikipedia as ACEOREVIVED at the end of February 2007.

One may well wonder how I got my new username. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome some time ago, and on the Radio Four Today programme, towards the end of 2015, I heard it said that the military historian Anthony Beevor had claimed that Field Marshall Montgomery had Aspergers syndrome. I had always assumed that the historian Beevor spelt his name as in the animal beaver, which, incidentally, is my favourite animal. Now I am back on line, I know it to be spelt Beevor (I think it was Wikipedia that first taught me this). So, I reversed the syllables in his surname, and thus, a new username was born. Just a quick testVorbee (talk) 15:53, 1 June 2018 (UTC).

  • Some of my beliefs about Wikipedia.
I think that the longer one has been on Wikipedia, the more likely it is that one will move from inclusionist to deletionist tendencies, and the more likely it is that one will move from exopedian to metapedian inclinations. Maybe this is just reviewing my own tendencies.

This user got 404 on the Wikipedia: Wikipediholism test. Since March 4 2019, I have started to edit Conservapedia. Or rather, I have done when I can - there is a character on Conservapedia who seems determined to block me from editing Conservapedia. On October 26 2019, this user was reading Wikipedia before 6: 09 in the morning. Does this qualify me for being a true Wikipediholic?