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My username is a combination the nickname for my dog , and the year I became a member on Wikipedia. I have used Wikipedia for many years but I didn't become a member until Jan. 24, 2010, (Jan. 25, 2010 Wikipedia time). Curently, most of my Wikipedia time is spent at WikiProject Wikify, New Page Patrol, Recent Changes Patrol, UAA, and AFD.

Don't believe everything you read

As anyone can edit almost any article, it is of course possible for biased, out of date, or incorrect information to be posted to Wikipedia. However, because there are so many other people reading the articles and monitoring contributions using the Recent Changes page, incorrect information is usually corrected quickly. Thus, the overall accuracy of the encyclopedia is improving all the time as it attracts more and more contributors. You are encouraged to help by correcting articles, validating content, and providing useful references.

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Articles I've CreatedEdit

Pages are in reverse chronological order:

  1. Winchester Model 100
  2. Greenlee County Airport
  3. Marble Canyon Airport
  4. Kearny Airport
  5. Kearny Airport (Arizona)
  6. Cochise County Airport
  7. Tombstone Municipal Airport
  8. Phoenix Regional Airport
  9. Holbrook Municipal Airport
  10. Pleasant Valley Airport
  11. Gila Bend Municipal Airport
  12. Grand Canyon Bar 10 Airport
  13. Cochise College Airport
  14. Samsung SGH-A177
  15. Motorola i58sr
  16. The Winston I
  17. Sliced
  18. 40G
  19. Valle Airport
  20. Hesperia Airport
  21. Desert Center Airport
  22. Holtville Airport
  23. Ocotillo Airport
  24. L22
  25. Yucca Valley Airport
  26. Roy Williams Airport
  27. Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport
  28. Rosamond Skypark Airport
  29. Flabob Airport
  30. H.A. Clark Memorial Field
  31. Aerotech News and Review
  32. Quartz Hill Airport