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In order to keep the project on track, several editors have suggested electing project-wide coordinators to manage administrative and procedural aspects of keeping WikiProject Wikify successful. The project runs backlog elimination drives every other month; therefore, the coordinators elected by the WikiProject Wikify community are in charge of the coordination of these drives. Coordinators should be experienced editors and community members, with experience coordinating projects. They are also expected to generally assist project members with any questions or concerns.

What do we do?Edit

The coordinators' main role is performing the maintenance and housekeeping tasks required to keep the project and its internal processes running smoothly. This includes keeping news and membership lists updated, managing membership, home page maintenance, collecting statistics, and so forth. There is little that couldn't theoretically be done by any other editor, of course—the coordinators have explicit roles in only a few processes—but, since experience suggests that people tend to assume that someone else is doing whatever needs to be done, the most efficient route has proven to be to delegate formal responsibility for this administrative work to a specified group.

The coordinators have several other roles. They serve as the project's designated points of contact, and are explicitly listed as people to whom questions can be directed in a variety of places around the project. In addition, they have informal roles to lead the drafting of project guidelines, overseeing the implementation of project decisions on issues like category schemes and template use, and helping to informally resolve disputes and keep discussions from becoming heated and unproductive. The coordinators are not, however, a body for formal dispute resolution; serious disputes should be addressed through the normal dispute resolution process.

How are we elected?Edit

Coordinators are elected by a simple approval vote of the membership, currently held once every year. Any project member in good standing may nominate himself or herself and may serve as many times as they wish. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes becomes the executive coordinator, and bears overall responsibility for coordinating the project; the other coordinators advise and assist the lead coordinator, and focus on any specific areas that require special attention.

Note: Elections are currently suspended until the project's activity is significantly increased.


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  • Executive Coordinator — editor will be responsible for maintaining most project functions. This includes, but is not limited to, organizing the bi-monthly backlog elimination drives, updating the project page, facilitating outreach to potential new members, and similar tasks. This position will be chosen by community voting and the lead coordinator will have a term of one year.
  • Assistant Coordinator — editor will be responsible for assisting the executive coordinator in performing his or her duties. This position will be chosen by community voting and the assistant coordinator will have a term of one year. If the executive coordinator becomes unable to perform his or her duties, the assistant coordinator will become the executive coordinator.
  • Administrative Officers — editor will be responsible for assisting the coordinators with their duties. These positions would be filled on demand, and the officers would be appointed by the executive coordinator.

Current coordinatorsEdit

The project's current coordinators are listed below:

Executive Coordinator None at present
Assistant Coordinator None at present
Administrative Officer #1 None at present
Administrative Officer #2 None at present

Past coordinatorsEdit

WikiProject Wikify honors its previous coordinators:

Username Postition Term Reason for end of term
Mono Executive coordinator 1 February 2011 – 26 March 2011 Indefinite wikibreak
Guoguo12 Assistant Coordinator 1 February 2011 – 26 March 2011 Promotion to Executive
Guoguo12 Executive Coordinator 26 March 2011 – 21 June 2011 Retirement

Archive: For 2011 voting information, please see this page.