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Category:Articles with HTML markup

This category contains all pages tagged by {{cleanup HTML}}.

Cleanup instructionsEdit

Don't know which HTML tag is unwanted? Click the "Edit source" tab on the article page, and search (Ctrl+F in most web browsers) for the following. If you don't find any, feel free to remove the {{cleanup HTML}} tag.

Here's what to do about each:

  • <tt> - Obsolete; use <code>, <kbd>, <samp>, <var> or {{mono}} instead, or even better {{code}}, {{kbd}}, {{var}}, or {{samp}}. See Wikipedia:HTML5#tt.
  • <li>, <ol>, and <ul> - Use "* " or "# " instead, or footnote syntax. <ol> is used legitimately with the "start" attribute to control numbering. See Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists.
  • <table>, <tr>, <td>, <th>, <caption> - Convert to wiki syntax; see Help:Table.
  • <i> or <em> - Use '' (for typography) or {{em}} (for emphasis where italics otherwise not required); be sure to follow MOS:ITALICS.
  • <dd>, <dt>, and <dl> - convert to definition list following MOS:DLIST.
  • <cite> - Use <ref> instead if this is defining a footnote, or perhaps a Wikipedia:Citation template if this trying to format the contents of a footnote. See Wikipedia:HTML5#cite for more on how to fix misuse.
  • <p> - Can just use an empty line between paragraphs.
  • <strong> and <b> - Use ''' instead, or remove bolding if MOS:BOLD says bolding isn't needed. In unusual cases, use {{strong}}.
  • <name=> - Usually a broken <ref name=...>
  • </br> - Should be <br /> to be valid HTML. Any other variations like <br>, <br/> and <br > can also be changed to <br /> so that syntax highlighting will work, but only do this if you are making other changes. If possible, use a blank line or list formatting instead. See Help:Line-break handling.
  • <hr> and <hr/> - Drop or use ----
  • <font> - obsolete; see Wikipedia:HTML 5#font for cleanup instructions.}, or <blockquote> - see MOS:QUOTATIONS.
  • <wbr> - Rarely needed, but if necessary {{shy}} is preferred over this and &shy;. See Help:Line-break handling.
  • <ruby>, <rt>, and <rp> - Templates are preferred for simplicity. See Help:HTML in wikitext#rp, rt, ruby for replacements.
  • <abbr> - Use {{abbr}}

More infoEdit

Question about an HTML tag or wiki syntax not covered above? See:

Finding more articles to cleanEdit

Automated reports on database dumps, and links to live search results are available at Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss#HTML tags.