Mabuhay! Hello!

I'm a new Wikipedia editor and I haven't put the time to my talk page yet but don't worry I'll get it done before the new year :)

Baybayin List of ChangesEdit

  1. Add pronunciation .wav/.mp3 (Wikimedia)
    1. Male
    2. Female
  2. Nordenx Research Papers
  3. Philippine Peso Equivalent
  4. Replace Sample
  5. Terminology/NHCP Sulat
  6. Origins
  7. Revival/Renaissance
  8. Digital Age/Modern Age
  9. Characteristics with pronounciation (taken from Sabaybayin App)
  10. Add Disambiguation for movie

List of Philippine Space Articles under ConstructionEdit

Category:Space program of the Philippines

Philippine Space Program - I am considering to push for a merge with the PhilSA page once they get started doing things

Philippine Space Agency - I am currently adding content from the PNA to create a Timeline and Reception

National Space Development Program (Philippines) - Expanding current stub status.

Philippine Earth Data Resources Observation Center - I am currently adding content from the PNA to create a Timeline and Reception

Manila Observatory - Add history as well as additional photographs

Private Industry

Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation - Adding Timeline and historical context from Philippine Gazette\

Mabuhay Satellite Corporation - Expanding current stub status.

Philippine Communications Satellite Corporation - Expand history and images

Agila1 - Expanding current stub status.

Agila2 - Fix media and also Philippine context

Diwata1 - Fix Gallery and add more multimedia

Diwata2 - No Images

Maya 1 -


Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Microsatellite program - discuss plans for Diwata 3 and Maya 2

STAMINA4Space Program - Expanding current stub status.

Birds-2 - Expanding current stub status.

Pages to create

Mabuhaysat Subic Space Center

Mabuhaysat Zamboanga Space Center

Philippine Agila Satellite Inc.

Tala Model Rocket

Karunungan - Weather Balloon

Philippine Agila Satellite Inc.

Philippine Space Communications Center


Joven Javier

Adrian Salces

Pages to Verify

Bongbong Rocket


Template:Philippine space program

Philippine Satellite Template

List of Users I need to steal userpage ideas from:Edit

  • User:Itsquietuptown
  • User:Berean Hunter
  • User:A. Parrot
  • User:SounderBruce
  • User:Truflip99
  • User:Elie_plus
  • User talk:Krimuk2.0
  • User:You've gone incognito
  • User:Mbell 791983
  • User:Chieharumachi

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I am all over the place and I need to focus on one thing but in general:

  1. Filipino Films (I guess as I watch them)
  2. Metro Manila Train System Articles
  3. Philippine Writing Systems
  4. Framers of the Philippine Constitution
  5. Museums in Metro Manila

I'm working on cross page readability between the English and Tagalog Wikipedias (helps me practice my bilingualism)

Mikhail Red FilmsEdit

Currently working on Dead Kids (film) will follow up with Birdshot (film).

Overhaul of Metro Manila Train System ArticlesEdit

Tasks include
1. Evaluating existing articles
2. Identifying gaps in existing articles
3. Adding verifiable sources
4. Expanding history
5. Connecting with fellow Wikipedians
6. Adding sounds to Wikimedia
7. Adding images to Wikimedia
9. Standardizing Format
10. Review from other editors

Current Project Status
Pages under development
1. Katipunan Station LRT 2

Create pages for all Philippine Writing SystemsEdit

Tasks include
1. Evaluating existing articles
2. Identifying gaps in existing articles
3. Creating a list of suggested pages
4. Creating Stubs
5. Include writing animation similar to a
6. Upload audio of character
7. Small description and usage
8. History
9. Use in popular culture