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Purpose edit

This Wikiproject aims to create a more complete understanding of the breadth of the discipline by explaining the role of Graphic design in different contexts, and by drawing connections between Graphic design and its many related disciplines, areas of interest, and specializations.

Scope edit

One route to achieving a more complete understanding of Graphic design is to frame it in a variety of contexts:

  • The history of Graphic design
  • The business of Graphic design
  • Professional accreditation in Graphic design
  • The science of visual communication (semiotics, perception)
  • The Political impact of Graphic design (i.e. poster design and war propaganda)
  • Design movements (Arts and Crafts, Scandinavian modern, etc.)
  • Design education

Guidelines edit

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Open tasks edit

Task suggestions edit

Get involved in editing the Wikipedia:Manual of Style, especially regarding how graphics are used on Wikipedia. Oicumayberight (talk) 17:19, 30 January 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Requests for page assessment edit

Requests for assessment can be made at the assessment sub-page. As this project is rather small in membership compared to some wikiprojects, please be patient regarding your request. Someone will get to it, how quickly is another question.

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Origins of this Wikiproject edit

The initiative that led to the creation of this Wikiproject grew out of a meeting of the Vancouver Graphic Design Meetup on September 11, 2006.

Members edit

Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. Sabaybayin (talk · contribs) (Philippine graphic art and adding multimedia to wiki pages)
  2. Serenesage (talk · contribs) (all aspects of design and visual arts)
  3. Hellosami (talk · contribs) (design history, type history, designer bios)
  4. Steveluscher (talk · contribs) (Web design / development, accreditation, information architecture)
  5. Hitrish (talk · contribs) (Member at large, information architecture, editorial contributor)
  6. Rasi2290 (talk · contribs) (Elements of graphic design; design as process, product, and career; design today; impact of technology, what is/isn't graphic design)
  7. Chelt (talk · contribs) (History of graphic design, design education, information design, type + image, graphic design as fine art)
  8. Magnaniteck (talk · contribs) (Web Design, History of graphic design,image)
  9. Juliettek (talk · contribs) (Design history, Critical Theory of Design, Visual Culture)
  10. Oicumayberight (talk · contribs) (Communication Design, Media Studies, Advertising)
  11. sh0wnpc (talk · contribs) (Visual Design: print, web, application, mobile. Graphic Design and Art. Process)
  12. Zinjixmaggir (talk · contribs) (Industrial design, web design, typography, information design, visual communication, usability) (inactive)
  13. Recury (talk · contribs) (History of graphic design, categorization)
  14. seXie(t0lk) (Interface design, vectorization)
  15. Modelwatcher (talk · contribs) (comparative analysis of webpage editors, categorization, web design, web development)
  16. Alper Ersoy (talk · contribs) (visual communication, typograpy, usability, web design, categorization)
  17. Parhamr (talk · contribs) (jack of all trades)
  18. Bonzobonce (talk · contribs) (Graphic design process, accessible design, design management, cross-media interaction)
  19. Andrew c (talk · contribs) (typography, history of Graphic design, web/CSS, etc.)
  20. Indoles (talk · contribs)
  21. Misspolsci (talk · contribs) (Graphic Design, strategic design & Danish Design)
  22. Mythobeast (talk · contribs) (software engineer, graphic designer, mathematic modeler)
  23. Bbh123 (talk · contribs) (graphic designing, terms)
  24. Tkgd2007 (talk · contribs) (graphic designing, web design/development, graphic design software, typography, visual design)
  25. necz0r (talk · contribs) (graphic design, drawing, technical illustration, web design, interface and navigation design, typography)
  26. Imag1nation (talk · contribs)(art, painting, graphic design, drawing, technical illustration, web design, interface and navigation design, sculpture)
  27. Grafista (talk · contribs) (graphic design history. Areas of interest: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy)
  28. UnkleFester (talk · contribs) (graphic design history. Schools of interest: postmodernism, cranbrook emigre, rise of user-centered design)
  29. MugRack (talk · contribs) (graphic design history, illustration, typography)
  30. Typehigh (talk · contribs) (graphic design, typography, type design, book design)
  31. Anna Comnena (talk · contribs) (editorial design, typography, graphic design, information architecture, illustration, web design)
  32. Omicron91 (talk · contribs) (Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Web Design, Technical Illustration, Student)
  33. Ender78 (talk · contribs)
  34. Martarius (talk · contribs)
  35. MigratoryGoose (talk · contribs) (education)
  36. Pixelgirl (talk · contribs) (Graphic Design, Typography, Web standards, HTML, CSS, Content Management Systems)
  37. Atypo (talk · contribs) (Graphic Design, Typography, Design History)
  38. Prasad Chowdary Gangavarapu (talk · contribs) (Graphic Design, Web Design, Visualizer)
  39. WBClarkson (talk · contribs) (Web and Graphic Designer)
  40. Studip101 (talk · contribs) (Web/Interactive Design, Graphic Design, Typography, Design History & Practice)
  41. Arispool (talk · contribs) (Female designers and illustrators)
  42. JordiNN (talk · contribs)
  43. Cargill208 (talk · contribs) (graphic design, web design, typography, HTML/CSS, CSS animation, exhibition design, design education, pre-press, print production, NewZealand)
  44. 9H48F (talk · contribs) (Design History)
  45. Voxlibra (talk · contribs) (Graphic Design, Typography)
  46. Mejorasi723 (talk · contribs)
  47. CaptureCode (talk) 14:03, 14 September 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  48. Bes-ART (talk · contribs) (Graphic Design, Heraldry, Typography, Cartography)
  49. Oughtta Be Otters (talk · contribs) (under-recognized graphic design history)
  50. apolygon (talk · contribs) (Graphic Design, Letterpress printing, Typography)
  51. Nigel D Lake (talk · contribs) (Web Design, Typography, Design History)
  52. E_mln_e (talk · contribs) (Design History)
  53. ASFLOCK (talk · contribs) (American Graphic Designer)
  54. Eco2004 (talk · contribs)

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Sources edit

Suggested sources for use by editors.

  1. Looking Closer series - collection of critical essays. (Historical essays are in Looking Closer 4.)
  2. Meggs, Philip. History of Graphic Design - an omnibus history of graphic design. Beware of factual errors.
  3. Hollis, Richard. Graphic Design: A Concise History

represented by Ahsan Bilal (Graphic Designer)

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