Learning Days, Wikimania 2016, May on my right, Vassia on my left. Hadn't comitted to #100wikidays yet but was thinking about it.


22 June 2016: At Wikimania Esino Laria Pre-conference, I sat at a table with Vassia and when I left the building, I committed to her that I'll participate in m:100wikidays! I started out thinking #100wikidays would be a lark. Write an article a day? Sure! No worries! Tralalalala!


30 September 2016: It has been quite a journey for me.

I wrote the first article on 6/22/16 during Wikimania Learning Days in Esino Lario regarding one of the village's churches. It was a translation from the Italian article. Seemed fitting. While I walked to dinner that night, I heard that church's church bells ringing and I looked up at the church, and I thought, "it is a sign!". I didn't know what it was a sign of, but to me, it felt very positive and I remember feeling very happy listening to those bells.

The next morning, 6/23, the first day of Wikimania, I heard Jimmy name me co-WOTY (thank you from the bottom of my heart), and later that day, I was asked if I was agreeable about being a co-grantee /co-organizer for WikiConference North America 2016. Both of these events have dramatically changed my life. I've been pulled in many directions as a result of this, often involving late night calls during the week with our organizing team. They've heard me say, over and over again, "I have to hop off the call and go write my article of the day". They, and my partner, have been supportive; and that has meant a lot to me, and I couldn't have gotten through 100wikidays without the support.

In the midst of these 100 days, two major personal events occurred: I sold my house (I'm moving back to Northern California next month) and I announced my retirement, after 26 years, to my employer. #yay! Now, 100 days later, I figured out what the "sign" meant when those church bells were ringing on 6/22. They were foretelling that while my life would change dramatically in the next 100 days -in very wonderful, albeit sometimes stressful ways- I could count on one constant in my life, and that was the quiet time I'd give every day to writing a Wikipedia article. And for that and all the other wonderful blessings of my life, I am truly grateful.


MM-DD User #Day (per User) Language code Article in local Wikipedia Article in English & short description Wikidata object Total # of articles

09-29 Rosiestep 100 en Eliza Henderson Boardman Otis American philanthropist, novelist, and social leader Q27052101 7858
09-28 Rosiestep 099 en Emma Aline Osgood American soprano Q27043686 7805
09-27 Rosiestep 098 en Amanda McFarland American missionary Q27039045 7790
09-26 Rosiestep 097 en James Wilson Robertson (dairyman) Canada's first Commissioner of Agriculture and Dairying Q27033532 7778
09-25 Rosiestep 096 en Carme Solé Vendrell Spanish illustrator and writer Q8338642 7764
09-24 Rosiestep 095 en Gemma Lienas Spanish writer, feminist activist, and politician Q3393862 7726
09-23 Rosiestep 094 en Mercedes Comaposada Spanish anarcho-feminist who cofounded Mujeres Libres Q11936553 7725
09-22 Rosiestep 093 en Rosa Dubovsky Argentinian activist, feminist and anarchist Q6112153 7701
09-21 Rosiestep 092 en Consuelo González Ramos Spanish nurse, journalist, feminist Q19617347 7700
09-20 Rosiestep 091 en Margarita Ortega (magonist) Mexican anarchist Q2895159 7699
09-19 Rosiestep 090 en Emanuela Setti Carraro Italian nurse Q3723867 7698
09-18 Rosiestep 089 en Antonia Maymón Spanish nurse Q5697580 7610
09-17 Rosiestep 088 en Caroline Nelson Danish-born birth control advocate and radical socialist Q26916068 7591
09-16 Rosiestep 087 en Juana Rouco Buela Spanish-Argentine laundress, anarcha-feminist, trade unionist Q5394278 7575
09-15 Rosiestep 086 en Mika Feldman de Etchebéhère Argentine militant anarchist and Marxist libertarian Q6016012 7554
09-14 Rosiestep 085 en Antònia Fontanillas Borràs Spanish Catalan seamstress, anarcho-syndicalists, trade unionist Q19289854 7543
09-13 Rosiestep 084 en Sara Berenguer Laosa Spanish Catalan militant anarco-sindicalist, anarcha-feminist, and writer Q17425842 7498
09-12 Rosiestep 083 en Lola Iturbe Spanish anarchist, activist, and journalist Q9023549 7489
09-11 Rosiestep 082 en Jeanne Bouvier French feminist and militant trade unionist Q812769 7448
09-10 Rosiestep 081 en Convent de Sant Domènec de Girona Spanish church Q13981422 7436
09-09 Rosiestep 080 en Iglesia de San Félix (Girona) Spanish church Q9007068 7408
09-08 Rosiestep 079 en Marta Madrenas i Mir Spanish politician and lawyer Q23016204 7404
09-07 Rosiestep 078 en Christiane Reimann Danish nurse Q18421596 7403
09-06 Rosiestep 077 en Stikine Sound Body of water in the U.S. state of Alaska Q26839260 7402
09-05 Rosiestep 076 en Merry Elisabeth Scheel Danish nurse and nursing theorist Q12326691 7304
09-04 Rosiestep 075 en Moncodeno Lombardy mountain Q3860596 7287
09-03 Rosiestep 074 en Pauline Chaponnière-Chaix Swiss nurse, feminist and suffragette Q23005614 7275
09-02 Rosiestep 073 en Lucía Figar Spanish politician Q5689942 7241
09-01 Rosiestep 072 en Giribaile Castle Ruined Spanish fortification Q5757344 7220
08-31 Rosiestep 071 en Castillo de Aldehuela Spanish castle Q5412843 7205
08-30 Rosiestep 070 en Castillo de Albanchez de Mágina Spanish fortification Q24038992 7192
08-29 Rosiestep 069 en Basílica de Santa María de los Reales Alcázares Spanish basilica Q5911869 7173
08-28 Rosiestep 068 en Charlotte Remfry Spanish writer Q23054403 7115
08-27 Rosiestep 067 en Teresa Espasa Spanish writer Q19950700 7110
08-26 Rosiestep 066 en María Egual Spanish writer Q6003655 7097
08-25 Rosiestep 065 en Maria Dolores Aguilar Spanish politician Q6003611 7080
08-24 Rosiestep 064 en Elvira Rodríguez Spanish economist and politician Q3051830 7052
08-23 Rosiestep 063 en Rosa Posada Spanish politician Q6112228 7039
08-22 Rosiestep 062 en Chola Luna Argentine singer Q16941983 7017
08-21 Rosiestep 061 en Violeta Rivas Argentine singer Q16646634 6993
08-20 Rosiestep 060 en Cachita Galán Argentine singer Q26213589 6983
08-19 Rosiestep 059 en Mirta Arlt Argentine writer Q6018296 6982
08-18 Rosiestep 058 en Nélida María Bacigalupo Argentinian botanist Q11002234 6943
08-17 Rosiestep 057 en Carolina Scotto Argentinian philosopher, academic, politician Q5753278 6927
08-16 Rosiestep 056 en Elena Theodorini Romanian singer Q3050729 6912
08-15 Rosiestep 055 en María del Pilar León-Castro Alonso Spanish archaeologist, historian, academic Q22965063 6893
08-14 Rosiestep 054 en Lluís Muncunill i Parellada Spanish Catalan architect Q9023348 6877
08-13 Rosiestep 053 en Monumental church complex of Sant Pere de Terrassa Historical Spanish church complex Q3054904 6873
08-12 Rosiestep 052 en en:Consuelo Mayendía Spanish singer and actress Q5784851 6857
08-11 Rosiestep 051 en en:Rosario Soler Spanish singer Q20898806 6832
08-10 Rosiestep 050 en en:Ofelia Nieto Spanish singer Q6049167 6817
08-09 Rosiestep 049 en en:Ángeles Ottein Spanish singer Q3944566 6804
08-08 Rosiestep 048 en en:Matilde Pretel Spanish singer Q20005887 6792
08-07 Rosiestep 047 en en:Lucrecia Arana Spanish singer Q5982375 6777
08-06 Rosiestep 046 en en:Castillo o Torre Ruined Spanish fort and castle Q20855841 6770
08-05 Rosiestep 045 en en:Iglesia de Santiago (Benicalaf) Spanish church Q763785 6761
08-04 Rosiestep 044 en en:Iglesia arciprestal de Santa María (Alcoy) Spanish church Q527293 6753
08-03 Rosiestep 043 en en:Kathrine Chemnitz Greenlandic politician Q11257774 6732
08-02 Rosiestep 042 en en:Isabel Miranda de Wallace Mexican educator and social activist Q5920794 6717
08-01 Rosiestep 041 en en:Isabel Ortega Ventura Bolivian farmer and indigenous politician Q26208055 6706
07-31 Rosiestep 040 en en:Hermitage of St. Simon Spanish church Q11919598 6687
07-30 Rosiestep 039 en en:Hilda Herzer Argentinian sociologist Q10938576 6652
07-29 Rosiestep 038 en en:Cabdella Lakes Spanish lakes which form a reservoir Q17603303 6644
07-28 Rosiestep 037 en en:Primarosa Chieri Italian-Argentinian geneticist Q16298369 6628
07-27 Rosiestep 036 en en:Elena Chiozza Argentinian geographer Q5829179 6615
07-26 Rosiestep 035 en en:Nuncia María Tur Argentinian botanist Q9051187 6600
07-25 Rosiestep 034 en en:Maevia Noemí Correa Argentinian botanist Q1370723 6585
07-24 Rosiestep 033 en en:Teresa Andrés Zamora Spanish librarian Q23705311 6563
07-23 Rosiestep 032 en en:Annibale degli Abati Olivieri Italian archaeologist, numismatist, librarian, and founder of the Biblioteca Oliveriana, Pesaro Q3618079 6552
07-22 Rosiestep 031 en en:Ana Santos Aramburo Spanish librarian Q5674076 6540
07-21 Rosiestep 030 en en:Dolors Lamarca Spanish librarian Q11917594 6526
07-20 Rosiestep 029 en en:Soledad Cazorla The first Spanish prosecutor against gender violence Q19857069 6510
07-19 Rosiestep 028 en en:Library of the Royal Institute of Asturian Studies RIDEA Library Q24940856 6493
07-18 Rosiestep 027 en en:Guma Zorrilla Uruguayan costume designer for theater, film, and television Q5889222 6476
07-17 Rosiestep 026 en en:María Luisa Escobar Venezuelan musicologist, pianist, composer, and caricaturist Q3301928 6457
07-16 Rosiestep 025 en en:Macedonia Blas Flores Mexican human rights activist of hñañú origin, she was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 Q9026469 6436
07-15 Rosiestep 024 en en:Henri Negresco Romanian hotel director and founder of Hotel Negresco, Nice, France Q717209 6417
07-14 Rosiestep 023 en en:El Chico National Park Mexican national park Q6378140 6402
07-13 Rosiestep 022 en en:Vivi Laurent-Täckholm Swedish botanist Q4983741 6394
07-12 Rosiestep 021 en en:Lake Ercina Spanish lake Q5197524 6380
07-11 Rosiestep 020 en en:Inga Fischer-Hjalmars Swedish physicist, chemist, humanist; a pioneer in quantum chemistry Q4948133 6369
07-10 Rosiestep 019 en en:Rosa María Cid López Spanish academic specializing in the study of women and gender Q23781709 6355
07-09 Rosiestep 018 en en:Ana Cano Asturian philologist; president, Academy of the Asturian Language Q8198010 6339
07-08 Rosiestep 017 en en:Saliencia Lakes Lake system in Asturias, Spain Q5968954 6330
07-07 Rosiestep 016 en en:Lake Enol Lake in Asturias, Spain Q5195553 6317
07-06 Rosiestep 015 en en:American Bay Bay in Alaska, US Q25513842 6306
07-05 Rosiestep 014 en en:Kaigani Strait Alaskan waterway Q25374468 6283
07-04 Rosiestep 013 en en:Champion-Providence Mine California gold mine Q25343745 6267
07-03 Rosiestep 012 en en:Pacific Packing and Navigation Company Alaskan salmon packing and shipping company Q25336648 6254
07-02 Rosiestep 011 en en:Annie Aghnaqa (Akeya) Alowa Alaskan Yupik environmental activist, healer, and leader in health and justice advocacy for indigenous peoples. Q25271226 6232
07-01 Rosiestep 010 en en:Aída Olivier Argentine actress, dancer, vedette Q5715346 6218
06-30 Rosiestep 009 en en:Susana Romero Argentine actress Q6136370 6212
06-29 Rosiestep 008 en en:Berthe Bénichou-Aboulker French Algerian writer Q18191462 6187
06-28 Rosiestep 007 en en:Simone Papa the Younger Italian painter Q25021035 6179
06-27 Rosiestep 006 en en:Monastero delle Murate Former convent in Florence, Italy Q3860451 6171
06-26 Rosiestep 005 en en:Monastero di San Salvatore (Capo di Ponte) Monastery in Val Camonica, Italy Q3860509 6160
06-25 Rosiestep 004 en en:Monastero di Santa Lucia (Adrano) Italian monastery Q24805908 6155
06-24 Rosiestep 003 en en:Abbazia di San Pietro al Monte Architectural complex in Lecco, Italy Q2820562 6152
06-23 Rosiestep 002 en en:Church of St. Pietro in Ortanella Italian church in Esino Lario Q21055961 6141
06-22 Rosiestep 001 en en:Chiesa di San Vittore (Esino Lario) Italian church in Esino Lario Q21043300 6139


Wow, congratulations, Rosie! You are an inspiration. We are so lucky to have you contributing to the Wikimedia movement and I am happy to call you a friend. Thanks for everything. ---Another Believer (Talk) 18:13, 1 October 2016 (UTC)

Another Believer, thank you, my friend! --Rosiestep (talk) 13:46, 3 October 2016 (UTC)