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Born in 1983. I have studied Japanese history in Bochum, Matsumoto and Fukuoka. Most broadly spoken, my field of interest covers modern history of East Asia. However, my main focus is on modern Japanese history and my special interest covers the history and development of the Japanese municipal system.
As a hobby I spend much time with linguistics. I especially like to learn about linguistic problems concerning Japanese and Korean. Writing systems are another favourite topic of mine. This is the reason, why I am able to read writing systems without knowing a language they are used by.
My contribution to Wikipedia is limited to minor edits of mistakes and errors, and participation in discussions on topics of my interest. I have unfortunately not enough time to write articles or parts of them. You can ask simple questions about Japan and related topics any time on my talk page.

Photos taken by me on Commons
Ōhara, Mimasaka,
Okayama Prefecture
Okayama Nagano Miyada, Nagano

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