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I strongly believe in the aims and philosophy of Wikipedia, as it has allowed me to merge my interests of baseball (particularly the St. Louis Cardinals), baseball research, and writing. By making accurate, high-quality, and free-use info (and pictures) about the Cardinals more accessible, I hope to ensure that there are people just as passionate about the Cardinals as I am from now going forward into perpetuity.

My first major Wikipedia-related accomplished was getting Ozzie Smith's article to Featured Article status. I completed my goal of getting Stan Musial's article up to Featured status by August 2010. A sentence I wrote in that article was directly quoted by the sitting President of the United States, Barrack Obama, when he awarded Musial the Presidential Medal of Freedom on February 15, 2011. I was really stuck trying to improve Bob Gibson's article to Good Article status for WikiProject St. Louis Cardinals for about five years, as a section that doesn't fit into chronological order has really been a roadblock for me.

My obligations outside Wikipedia changed in 2010, and as of March 2018 I consider myself semi-retired/inactive on Wikipedia. If I re-commit to Wikipedia in the future, I'll probably start by choosing a new high priority article. Besides contributing to WikiProject St. Louis Cardinals, I sometimes tag & rate articles for WikiProject Baseball, and I used to specialize in reviewing articles for GA status under the Sports and Recreation section on occasion. Again, if I recommit time to Wikipedia, it's possible I'll rate articles for GA status again. A fun fact about me is that I chose my username from the one-person town of Monowi, Nebraska (which I have still never visited as of the year 2018).

GAN Review Policy

It's my personal policy during GAN reviews to be as thorough as possible, but never edit the article while I'm reviewing it, no matter how trivial the edit may seem. In this way I can remain neutral even when the review is On Hold, and not be tempted to get carried away with improvements to the article.


Featured Articles I've primarily written:

Good Articles I've primarily written:

Nomination stats:

  • GA article nominations: 2 for 2
  • FA nominations: 2 for 4

Peer Reviews completed:

Articles I've Created

90 Days - Whiteyball - Marty Hendin - List of TV Nation episodes - List of Early Edition episodes - Walla Walla Padres - List of Early Edition characters - Dan McLaughlin - Dan Lavery - Crackers the Corporate Crime Fighting Chicken - Tonic (band) discography/Tonic discography - Tonic (Tonic album) - A Casual Affair: The Best of Tonic - If You Could Only See (song) - Lemon Parade - Acoustic

Wikiproject Baseball Barnstar.png The Baseball Barnstar
For incredible work on Stan Musial. I am awarding you this barnstar.KANESUE 12:56, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

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baseball players
Thank you, user "passionate about the Cardinals" and quoted by a US president, for quality articles on baseball players such as Stan Musial and Ozzie Smith, for project work and GA reviews, - you are an awesome Wikipedian!

--Gerda Arendt (talk) 07:34, 19 January 2015 (UTC)

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Goals & Tasks

Priority Article

  • None currently

Long Term Goal

  • Turn English Wikipedia into the definitive place to learn about the history of the St. Louis Cardinals, build WikiProject St. Louis Cardinals into a self-sustaining organization, and have fun improving other articles that interest me.
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