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Wiki[p|m]edia specific
Wikipedia Administrator.svgThis user has been an admin for
14 years, 3 months and 2 days.
Nuvola apps email.pngThis user was a member of the Wikimedia OTRS team.
Smiley in Bow Tie.jpgThis user was happy to help new users. Leave a message here.
Face-angel.svgthis user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake please let them know.
VLC icon.pngThis user reserves the right to completely screw up his edits.
Unbalanced scales.pngThis user tries hard to be neutral on controversial issues.
Znak C12.pngThis user finds edit/revert wars disruptive.
Stop hand.pngThis user maintains a strict policy condemning all personal attacks.
Pdnbtn.pngThis user enforces a zero tolerance policy against newbie biting.
Vandalism.PNGThis user reverts vandalism on sight, and would block for it.
DoNotFeedTroll.svgThis user has a zero tolerance policy towards trolls on Wikipedia.
Villainc.svgThis user publicly denies being a member of the Cabal.
Preferences-desktop.svgThis user is a metapedian.
NileCrocodile.jpgThis user believes that some Wikipedia flame wars are akin to a pit full of hungry crocodiles.
This user feels only articles need a NPOV, and displaying political, religious or other beliefs with userboxes is OK.
Nuvola apps package favorite.pngThis user is an IRC fairy
UBPThis user survived the great userbox purge of '06.
Lazy sleeping barnstar.svgThis user is very lazy. Please feel free to do their work for them.
enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
de-1Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
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Programming Languages
C-2This user is an intermediate C programmer.
COBOLThis user can program in COBOL.
c++-3This user is an advanced C++ programmer.
for-2This user is an intermediate Fortran programmer.
Java-3This user is an advanced Java programmer.
Javascript-736400 960 720.png
This user can program in JavaScript.
pasThis user can program in Pascal.
Perl-2This user is an intermediate Perl programmer.
php-2This user is an intermediate PHP programmer.
re-1This user writes regular expressions at a basic level.
REXX-NThis user is held together by REXX.
SQL-2This user is an intermediate SQL programmer.
vb-2This user is an intermediate Visual Basic programmer.
Other Tech Stuff
Firefox logo, 2019.svgThis user contributes using Firefox.
Own windows logo nt.svgThis user contributes using Microsoft Windows NT.
Own windows logo 2k.svgThis user contributes using Microsoft Windows 2000.
Own windows logo xp.svgThis user contributes using Microsoft Windows XP.
 This user uses Solaris.
NewTux.svgThis user contributes using Linux.
HP-UXThis user uses HP-UX.
AIXThis user uses AIX.
Google 2015 logo.svgThis user uses Google as a primary search engine.
MThis user is an owner of a Gmail account and gives out invites on request.
Stop hand.pngThis user studied computability at university, and all he got was this lousy NP-Complete.
About Me
ath This user is an Atheist.
This user possibly believes in the Noodly Appendage of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.
inf This user is an infidel.
IPUThis user doesn't really worship the Invisible Pink Unicorn (bbhhh).
SHThis user is a secular humanist.
This user is amused by the SubGenius.
This user admires the inclusionism of Unitarian Universalism
^_^ This user watches anime.
^_^ This user reads Manga.
ΔΣΦ This user is a member of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity.
Flag of Germany.svg This user is of German ancestry.
Flag of Poland.svg This user is of Polish ancestry.

Fun Stuff
Applications-games.svgThis user enjoys playing bridge.
Baby foot artlibre jnl.jpgThis user plays table football, or "foosball".
Nuvola apps kteatime.pngThis user trades coffee in
Puerto Rico.
Nuvola apps ksysv.png
This user passed GO!
(…so where is my $200?)
Go board part.jpgThis user is a Go player.
2-Dice-Icon.svgThis user is a Board Game Geek.
cvg-3This user is an advanced gamer.
Exquisite-kfm home.pngThis user prefers to play games on a PC.
CIVThis user plays one or more versions of Civilization.
NWNThis user plays Neverwinter Nights.
RCTThis user plays RollerCoaster Tycoon.
Legobrick.pngThis user is an AFOL.
EBay logo.svgThis user buys and sells on eBay as larry-pieniazek.