What Groupthink needs to doEdit

  • Write some essays on what he perceives to be some serious flaws in Wikipedia as currently incarnated.
  • Write some essays on Wikipedia policy changes he would make.
  • Make this page pretty and readable.
  • A truckload of rewriting on a number of algorithm related pages.
  • Massive cleanup of the Credentialist page.
  • Ditto for Christian terrorism.
  • Write an umbrella article on political controversies in the circles of academia (maybe just in the US, but maybe globally as well), perhaps including material on Norman Finkelstein, Joel Hayward, pro/anti PC views, the conservative movement to protect right-wing students from left-wing teachers, tenure disputes, historical revisionism, non-mainstream views held by faculty (like Michael Behe for instance), student revolts, et cetera...
  • Eat better and exercise more.
  • Yoga and meditation more frequently.
  • Strongly resist the temptation to add [[Category:Shows that have jumped the shark]] to Lost (TV series), Heroes (TV series), Boston Legal and Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series).

Pages Groupthink has substantially editedEdit

Article draftsEdit

None currently.