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You guys should probably know this; I now operate a legit alternative account called User:Goodshoped35110s' Sockpuppet, an account solely used on public computers. Don't worry. -Goodshoped 04:59, 29 November 2007 (UTC)

Goodshoped's status: Retired. However, you can reach him on any other Wikimedia project as this username, or on Flickr as executionisinfo.

The Status Bot has been blocked.
See my last edit here.

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My featured image of the day.
San Francisco
EducationHigh School

NOTE: If you're here to revert vandalism on my page, go right ahead, but let me deal with the vandals. I mean business. -Goodshoped 02:30, 2 November 2007 (UTC) Please use either Apple Safari (best) or Mozilla Firefox (better). DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER! If you do want to use Internet Explorer, I have an IE3+ compatible page here.

Oh, and I will report you here if you vandalize my page. I will also send you this. If you want right now, you can sign my guestbook. Even though I have school, I will still come to Wikipedia to upload images I have taken, and will make some edits as I get some of the information.

Galileo Academy of Science and Technology Students only please! Don't even think about it!

My Switchboard

IF you see a welcome page on your talk page, and you have an I.P. address, I welcomed you. I'm not really in charge of the welcomings, but it's what I do when I feel like it. If you are a foamer, I also gave you a status chart.

My Userboxes
In Real Life.

My alternates

My sockpuppets

My dopplegangers

About me

So, anyway, welcome. Welcome to my user page. I was born in 1993 in San Francisco, but didn't find out about Wikipedia until 2006, when someone told me about Wikipedia. I didn't really sign up until July 2007, then made my first edit in August 2007, when the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge collapsed. I was reverted a lot since then, and I have brought you to date, about 3500+ contribs! I am proud to be a Wikipedia, except the fact that someone keeps sticking dilidos in my page. Note to parents: Wikipedia is not censored to minors, so don't blame me (or anyone else here on Wikipedia) that your son or daughter is getting free sam cup peen here.

Why sign up for Wikipedia?

  • The use of a username of your choice, provided that it is appropriate. (It better be appropriate, otherwise you'll be blocked by the administrators.)
  • The use of your own personal watchlist to which you can add articles that interest you. Click here for an example...
  • The ability to start new pages.
  • The ability to rename/move pages.
  • The ability to edit semi-protected pages.
  • The ability to upload images. Check my uploaded images below!
  • The ability to customize the appearance and behavior of the website. I chose not to change the appearance.
  • The eligibility to become an administrator. I will plan to be an administrator soon...
  • Your IP address will no longer be visible to other users. There are bad people in the world, and they come into your computer via Limewire or some other sick app...

Also, it is recommended you use the edit summary to help others understand your intentions? Without edit summaries, similar changes like above will be reverted promptly in the future. Your changes stand a better chance to 'sticking' if you help us understand their purpose.



What is a image?

You may think it's "no duh, a image's a picture!". Well, it's not. A image is a piece of picture taken by a camera and then be opted for simulations. Click here for my gallery!


Click here for my simulations! (Coming soon!)

What is a simulaton?

A simulation is where I take a picture of a place, then add a vehicle (usually a bus) to determine the feasibility. The simulations are real-time and edited, and, when uploaded to the internet, it will always show up on Commons (Click on Gallery) before coming to my userpage. Then, it will go to the designated page to show its feasibility. I am currently working on one on the B Geary, and several on a new route to the Tennessee Valley portion of the Marin Headlands, dubbed the 75-Tennessee Valley, and expanding the current 76 Marin Headlands to 7 days a week. The plan I'm working on also includes extending the 44-O'Shaugnessy and the 29-Sunset. Enjoy!


Click here.


Click Here

In Wikipedia

Since I live in San Francisco, I usually focus on San Francisco and my school. I am currently in the 9th grade. I have edited the following pages:

Articles Created

You have may seen these articles lately. It is because I created them:

Vandalism Policy

I am also against vandalism because I don't like people tagging stuff. If I am tagging an article, please let me know right away because, even though I am a photographer, I would think these images are informational and provide an inside look at some of these vehicles and other stuff. Thanks!


Also, click here if you want to see my contributions!

Featured Links and my Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

If you're the guy in the picture on the Intercontinental Hotel, I had no intention to get you in the picture because i couldn't see that bright.

If you are the owner of the purple house at Douglass and 21st Sts., this picture was taken because the teacher I was with during a field trip to the Seward Street Playground asked whether I can take the picture.

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