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Shutoff procedure

  1. If you know which individual task is malfunctioning, please deactivate that individual task and leave me a message stating the malfunction, by clicking the toggle switch.
  2. If you do not know which task the problem is coming from, use this emergency shutoff to deactivate the entire bot. After that, leave me a message.

Main tasks

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Task Description
PCBot Adds and removes tags from pending changes protected and non-protected pages.

 Approved. See Approval Request

ChartArchiveLinkBot Converts all external links to and either tries to relink it to or mark it as a deadlink.

 Approved. See Approval Request


SPAMBot Tags pages containing external links with {{Blacklisted-links}} that are in the spam blacklist or the global spam blacklist.

Current Bot Status

 Approved. See Approval Request

Goto runpages InternetArchiveBot Attempts to rescue sources that are dead by providing an archived version. Also archives live versions when no archived version exists.

Task may also run as User:InternetArchiveBot


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