enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
de-1Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
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This user is interested in video game development.
cvg-5This user is a professional gamer.
Nuvola apps display.pngThis user is a software engineer.
C++This user can program in C++.
C#This user can program in C#.
JavaThis user can program in Java.
<html>This user can write HTML.
CThis user can program in C.


This user is a translator from 日本語 to English on Wikipedia:Translation.


Gamepad.svgThis user is addicted to video games.
Flag of Japan.svgThis user is a Japanophilic gamer.
+This user plays retro games.Circle - black simple.svg Circle - black simple.svg
Wii console.pngThis user plays Wii online. Their Wii Number is 2669 6125 3452 1675.
This user plays on Xbox Live with the gamertag Cheesemeister3k.
PS3 Core.jpgThis user owns a
PlayStation 3 Core System.
Mario pipe.pngThis user plays games in the Super Mario series.
Triforce.svgThis user plays games from The Legend of Zelda series.

Lightning Bolt on Circle.svgThis user plays the Metroid series.
User:Scepia/MMX maverick
Sword and crystal.png This user likes to play the Final Fantasy series.
BlankMap-World.svgThis user is opposed to regional lockout.


Tom Servo.JPGThis user is a captive on the Satellite of Love
NHKThis user is a viewer of NHK.
fireflyThis user is a Browncoat.
her?This user is a fan of Arrested Development.
d'oh!This user thinks The Simpsons is simply...excellent.
FR for Futurama Userbox.svgGood news, everyone! This user is a fan of Futurama!


Flag of Wisconsin.svgThis user will always be a proud Wisconsin-born Cheesehead regardless of where they live.
東京This user lives in
Tokyo Prefecture.


BCSThis user has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree.
Graduation hat.svgThis user has a minor in
Japanese language.
This user has an advanced understanding of the Japanese writing system.
JLPTThis user has passed JLPT N1 held on Dec 2010.N1


Cheesehead.jpgThis user is a cheesehead.
GBThis user is a fan of the
Green Bay Packers
COLThis user is a fan of the
Colorado Avalanche
COLThis user is a fan of the
Colorado Rockies


This user thinks that too many people have no idea how to use words that they should have learned in grade two.
This user thinks that there are too many people who don’t know that they're worse than their own children at spelling!
It’s really not that hard to use each word in its proper manner.
LeftHand 2.png
This user is left-handed.
FirefoxThis user prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Koebel.jpgThis user advocates the use of more cowbell.
Salmon sushi cut.jpg This user eats sushi.
Pizza.jpgThis user dreams primarily in terms of Italian sausage pizza.
Gaufre liege.jpgThis user likes waffles.
Watermelon seedless.jpgThis user eats watermelon.
Stilles Mineralwasser.jpgThis user drinks water regularly.
Oranges and orange juice.jpgThis user drinks orange juice.
C2H5OH-0This user is a non-drinker.
Cannabis prohibited signThis user is drug-free.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.