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What would I choose, the Urban area
Or this Rural area?

My name is Brian Zhukov (Villamor Manlunas) who lived in Sogod, Southern Leyte, Philippines a wikipedian who corrects spellings and grammars and remain simple and silent. I'm still working on some research to improve various articles. I'm still at school and will not respond immediately. I'm still taking photographs if I have time to do so.


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BornBrian Villamor Manlunas Zhukov
February 18, 1996
Manila, Philippines
Country Philippines
Current locationSogod, Southern Leyte
RaceAsian - Malay
Family and friends
Marital statusSingle
Education and employment
High schoolSaint Thomas Aquinas College
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
ReligionRoman Catholic
PoliticsUnitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

Filipino traditions, fiestas, foods, drinks, instrumental musics, war stories, history, local geography, war machines, religious songs, etc.

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