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Hello. I am Braden, and somewhat bored of WP editing.

Stuff about meEdit

Stuff I likeEdit

  • Researching and editing here, of course.
  • Cute birds, like my owl friend, Maurice.
  • Translating things into Ithkuil
  • Etc.

But here's the polar opposite, dislikesEdit

  • Negative emotions
  • Especially informal tone. Will fix, or add template, on sight.
  • Especially when a blatant something (such excessive lack of formality or [[Fusion torch|the article being sectioned wrong) isn't fixed. In the case of the latter, no one bothered for twelve years.
  • Etc.

My biggest mistake: Once I checked the SuperTuxKart article (I wasn't a user yet) and the character list was gone. I checked the history and a guy called "X201" did it. I put the list back and he deletes it. Short edit war ensues. In the end, I realized this site is not a complete guide to any game, SuperTuxKart included.

Other stuffEdit

That's all for now. :) BTW We really need to edit Duval Street.

 B Oh look, a light bulb