• Friendly inclusive in me expects far more travelers in the endless journey of encyclopedic endeavors, same time skeptic in me expects far more agency always.The solace is Cosmos is too big with ample agency to write about galaxies abound is pleasing!

. Welcome to my space which seeks some help, may be you are the one I was waiting for.

Can you help? edit


I didn't have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one instead.~ Blaise Pascale (or Oscar Wilde, depending). 
Even where my answers are long, I see to it those are relevant and logical. Rather than just passing adverse remarks about length of comments, requesting a synopsis may help any discussions much better. If any one finds long replies uncomfortable then please feel free to request for synopsis.       
  • How do I reach out other users?
  • I do reach out to users for help, some users are curious how did I select their user ID for making the request. My main way is checking 'related changes' to my article expansion tasks list or from 'related changes' of the article itself or very few from significant among Authorship attribution select via 'Page information' from article menu bar via revision history statistics. From among above style usually I search mostly for directly interested in the topic but few random ones for maintain neutrality. Sorry if you are among those very few to receive random request but that is not for propagating my interest but that is for inviting neutral ones as Wikipedia is interested in neutrality. Most times I take care to invite those users who's point of views are likely to be different than mine, for some article you know some one who can contribute in article expansion even if does not match with my views please feel free to invite them for article expansion on my behalf. To see I am not sending too many expansion request to the same user I check last 500 edits to the users talk page to see my expansion request is not too repetitive, if I miss on this count feel free to point me out. Thanks for your understanding and support.
  • Obviously my c/e help requests too are likely to be more frequent than those of native English language speakers since I am not native English language speaker so I have been balancing with help of nice WikiFairy helpful samaritan.

Skeptic in me edit

Are you here to check who this skeptic is? I do have reasonable patience to get incubated in the womb still like every other human, I am born skeptic who has been contesting status quo right since moment of birth:) The difference between skeptics and others is, others grow up to do unquestioned compromises with circumstances; we skeptics intermittently fail to mature by failing to internalize status quo forever.

Learning curve through experience edit

I am presently studying: Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement can help you to disagree in a more agreeable way.
Image created by a Wikipedian, based on an essay by Paul Graham

Jotting down words for expansion later

My self-esteem is not for sale


I need this frequently edit