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<font-size: x-large>Me!</font-size>

I am a high school student, my interests are playing on my wii, and going out with my friends, and reading. My favourite books are the Troy series by David Gemmell (Lord of the Silver Bow, Shield of Thunder, and Fall of Kings), because I feel I can relate to the chracters, particularly Andromache (for this reason I have chosen her for my username).

I would like to think of myself as semi-experienced on wikipedia, because I regularly contribute to other wikia sites (albeit under different identities!), and I have learnt alot from this. But I am new to this particular site, so I am still in the learning stage.

<font-size: x-large>Me on wikipedia!</font-size>

I have only joined the mythology project properly, because I do not want to jump in at the deep end, but I will be contributing in other projects unofficially. I also like the idea of supporting other users, so I will do this through welcoming and helpme/ helpdesk. When I feel more confident I would like to adopt a new user and help them as other users help me, but that is far in the future!

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This user accepts no responsibility for damage to eyes or any other body part, headaches, migraines, or colour blindness caused by this userpage, and its excessive use of bright, mind-boggling, almost-luminous colours. She also wishes to highlight (no pun intended) that the colour scheme of the page is in no way affiliated with traffic lights, as this disclaimer has a blue border.

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