United Nations Security Council Resolution 275

United Nations Security Council Resolution 275, adopted on December 22, 1969, after a letter from the representative of Guinea and observing that these incidents by Portugal jeopardize international peace and security, the Council called upon Portugal to desist from violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Guinea. The Council deeply deplored the loss of life and heavy damage to several Guinean villages inflicted by the action from Guinea-Bissau, a territory under Portuguese administration, solemnly warning Portugal that if such acts were to be repeated in the future the Council would consider further steps to give effect to the resolution. It also called upon Portugal to release a motor barge by the name of Patrice Lumumba and all of its passengers.

UN Security Council
Resolution 275
DateDecember 22 1969
Meeting no.1,526
CodeS/RES/275 (Document)
SubjectComplaint by Guinea
Voting summary
  • 9 voted for
  • None voted against
  • 6 abstained
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

The resolution was passed with nine votes, with six abstentions from the Republic of China, Colombia, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and United States.

Guinea had first wrote to the Security Council on December 4, 1969, to request action, which was supported by 40 African states. It informed the Council of further airstrikes on its territory on December 12, prompting meetings to be held and a resolution to be passed.[1]

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